HCI Research

Unique Thought Leadership

HCI Research taps into a unique network of executive practitioners, expert consultants, academics and global experts to deliver rigorous, insightful analysis. Our reach across over 195,000 engaged members, and our trusted position as the premier association for strategic talent management, offers underwriters a powerful platform for branding and thought leadership.

Unprecedented Distribution

HCI Research is underwritten for maximum distribution, to our 195,000 members and beyond. Our mission is to educate and engage executives and organizations in the new science of talent management, and high-quality research is a powerful tool for distributing knowledge and advancing the practice. Research firms that offer HCI’s depth of study and quality of reporting, routinely charge thousands of dollars for reports or memberships. Our model encourages the widest possible audience to freely access this extremely valuable information, and to associate it with your brand.

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Benefits of Underwriting HCI Research

  • Set the direction and drive the agenda in your market
  • Establish your position as an accredited thought leader
  • Align your brand with innovation and next practices
  • Align your marketing message with HCI’s trusted brand
  • Take credit for insightful, high quality research
  • Present findings on webcasts and at HCI conferences
  • Generate decision-making prospects for your sales force
  • Gain proprietary, actionable market intelligence
  • Gain exposure to the widest possible audience, worldwide