Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

At what “level” of seniority is the course aimed?

The SWP course is not aimed at particular level of seniority, and we have welcomed everyone from high-potential young professionals early in their careers to Chief Human Resource Officers in the largest companies turning their attention to workforce planning. We believe this diversity stems from the course’s mission, which is to provide a framework and a set of corresponding insights, practices and tools for strategic — not operational — workforce planning. The frameworks and best practices that enable this strategic view and superior execution are valuable to all levels, even as different levels act upon the information differently after the completion of the course itself as a function of their respective roles.

Who else has taken SWP courses?

HCI has instructed more than 8,000 individuals from some of the best companies in the world, and every year, we certify approximately 2,000 more. You may see a sample of our alumni here, but suffice to say they come from all industries and sectors, as well as many countries around the world.

What will I learn in the SWP course?

Recent surveys suggest that well over half of today’s organizations are “planning to plan.” That is, they know they want to begin a Workforce Planning process but don’t know where to begin or what the expected outcome should be. The SWP program offers a structured program that provides a synthesis of best practices and research along with a model to guide step by step workforce planning activities.

Successful completion of the SWP program enables organizations to benefit from a series of outcomes including:

  • An ongoing advantage in knowing what skills the organization will need and the ability to hire or develop people as needed
  • Better preparedness for business contingencies
  • Improved ability to adapt to a volatile economy and shorter product cycles
  • The ability to define future workforce gaps and present solutions for those gaps
  • Measurable action plans that can be incorporated into a human capital operating plan
  • Understanding of labor trends impacting the workforce including the effects of retirement, skills gaps, etc.

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Strategic Workforce Planning Course Outline

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What are the career benefits of taking HCI courses?

In speaking with our members, we find that many take HCI courses to improve their knowledge and ability to solve specific problems or challenges on their desks, be they about Human Capital Analytics, Strategy Workforce Planning, or any of the other issue areas HCI covers.

Many, however, also report that they took their course to advance their careers by attaining and demonstrating expertise in new issue areas, or attaining the leading (and in some cases, the only) recognized certification in Strategic Talent Management overall (our HCS course) or specific issue areas like Strategic Workforce Planning.

How does recertification work in the WFP program?

SWP certification is valid for three years. After that time, course alumni may recertify by taking the course again.

How does HCI’s SWP certification differ from other training programs in the market?

While there are many fine training programs in the market today, the SWP Program is unique. First, to the best of our knowledge, it is oldest and most prominent course of its kind, formally launching in 2010 and quickly becoming (we believe) the gold standard. Second, it is a unique combination of ‘theory’ (it provides a unified vision or model of how strategic workforce should be thought about and executed), best practice (highlighting best practices from companies like Starbucks and many others), and tools (literally dozens of tools, templates, and diagnostics that can be customized and used long after the course concludes)

How long will it take to achieve SWP Certification?

The SWP Certification can be earned with a moderate level of pre-work, a two-day workshop, and successful completion of a rigorous exam. Workshops are held online and in major metropolitan centers throughout the year.

Who teaches the classes?

HCI classes are taught by business school caliber faculty and seasoned talent management professionals. All are experts in the strategic concepts and practical applications of talent management, and meet HCI's highest professional standards.

What support is available?

HCI instructors are with you at every step in your journey toward achieving your SWP Certification. They are invaluable advisors and mentors for your Practicum, as well as for real-world challenges. HCI is also a global community of progressive, talent-focused leaders: Your HCI membership includes access to more than 300 expert advisors through our Learning Tracks, plus a network of more than 195,000 fellow members worldwide.