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Leading companies use talent analytics to support a data-driven decision-making culture. You can compare multiple dimensions of talent data and organizational data to see the impact that changes have on the rest of the company. Understand how to collect meaningful information, drill down into critical data, and summarize findings to support your next talent decisions.

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Why Integrated Talent Management Matters Now

Webcast | Presented By: Pamela Stroko | Webcast Aired: November 19, 2015
We are in the midst of the best job market since 1977. The economy continues to add jobs at a robust pace, which will lead to a shortfall of nearly 7.5 million jobs by the end of 2015. Organizations need HCM technology tools and talent strategies ... Read more
White Paper

Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey Results

White Paper | Published: November 16, 2015
Survey background: The survey was completed in the first quarter of 2015 The survey data contains detailed benefits information provided by over 1,150 participating employers in 36 different industries across the US Teh 2015 survey providees ... Read more

HCIPodcast: The Power of Predictive Modeling at Gap

Podcast | Presented By: Anthony Walter | Published: November 16, 2015
In this 7 minute interview with Anthony Walter, Director, Workforce Analytics, Gap Inc., we ask him: How have dashboards enabled talent and business strategy? What has been the outcome of training business partners on workforce analytic ... Read more

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