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Today’s HR has to strike a balance between strategic talent demands and operational excellence. Whether you need to update your human resource management systems or create more efficient processes for delivery, you can discover ways to turn strategy into execution. Learn how you can create an agile HR organization that’s ready to take on the talent challenges your company faces.

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HR Joins the Analytics Revolution

Article | Source: Harvard Business Review | Published: 16 hours ago
Knowledge workers are in short supply, the competition for talent has gone global; turnover is rising; and employee engagement is stagnant at best. The economic recovery is welcome, of course, but improving fundamentals can create ... Read more

The TruFiles Gamification

Article | Source: KellyOCG | Published: 2 days ago
Just ahead: using gaming tactics to attract top talent. It's not nearly as crazy as it sounds. Gamification in the recruiting industry isn’t really about building gaming apps (though it’s been done). Rather, more and more ... Read more

What’s the Value in Evaluating Your Candidate Experience?

Webcast | Presented By: Tom Kaminsky, Ann Marie Ryan, Arkadev Basak | Webcast Aired: 3 days ago
Winning the battle for talent takes the best intelligence Interviewing and landing talent in a competitive marketplace isn’t always easy. Often, candidates drop off or out for reasons you may never know, leaving you with expensive ... Read more

Five Steps to Getting Started with Workforce Analytics

Article | Source: Visier | Published: February 18, 2015
Read an industry report or blog post on hot HR trends and technologies today, and you are bound to see workforce analytics near the top. Analysts and commentators agree: workforce analytics has become a “must have” tool for ... Read more

The TruFiles Social Recruiting and Personalization

Article | Source: KellyOCG | Published: February 16, 2015
This will be the year you move beyond aimless social chatter. If you want your social networks to function as recruiting power tools, it's time to consider personalization. Pre-2006 (the year Facebook opened to anyone over 13 with an email ... Read more