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Talent systems range from technology that manages organizational processes, such as recruiting, leadership development, performance management, and succession, to HR systems that support processes such as payroll, leave management, and time and attendance. Learn how to evaluate technology vendors and solutions, get the most from HR software trends and effectively integrate your technology to get a total picture of your people.

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Use Workforce Analytics to Drive Cultural Change

Article | Source: PI Worldwide | Published: 3 days ago
84% of global leaders believe culture is critical to business success, and companies with adaptive cultures aligned to business goals outperform competitors by as much as 200%. But...70% of all major change efforts ... Read more

Successful Strategic Workforce Planning Through Collaboration

Research | Author: Jenna Filipkowski | Source: Human Capital Institute | Published: 3 days ago
This signature research, conducted in partnership between Workday and the Human Capital Institute (HCI), explores the in-depth challenges facing organizations as they seek to adopt an effective strategic workforce planning (SWP) process as ... Read more
White Paper

Talent Acquisition: In-house or Outsource?

White Paper | Source: Kelly OCG | Published: November 18, 2014
Rethinking the Case for Change Whether it’s managed in-house or outsourced, the Talent Acquisition function and its costs are continually scrutinized and assessed for potential efficiencies. While it can be frustrating for HR to be ... Read more

5 Steps Your Organization Can Take to Find It’s Talent Bliss

Blog | Author: Patrick Dodge | Source: HCI | Published: November 18, 2014

I recently finished reading Michael Moss’s book, Salt, Sugar, Fat.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book but I have no intention (or qualification) to provide a review of the book here.  However, I was fascinated by a section early on in the book covering of Australian psychologist Robert McBride.   

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HCIPodcast: Simple Steps to Connect with Millennials

Podcast | Published: November 17, 2014
AJ Thomas, Director of Talent Development and Engagement at Nimble Storage, joins the HCI for a discussion on the state of Millennials in the workplace.  AJ starts with some background info on Millennials and how firms can leverage these ... Read more

The ABCs of Onboarding Success

Article | Published: November 14, 2014
Whether you’re helping a new hire get up to speed or guiding existing employees in working more effectively with a new team member, remember your Onboarding A-B-Cs to maximize productivity and retention: Read more