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Employees navigating your organization will always be better prepared when they are guided by other leaders and actively share knowledge with them. You can utilize external executive coaches to provide objective advice and goal-setting skills, and you can create a mentoring program to bridge the generational and skills gaps in your workforce. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs, and demonstrate the ROI of creating a culture that actively supports coaching and mentoring.

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Featured in Coaching and Mentoring:

Keynote Video

Winning Strategies for Building Strong Global Coaching Cultures

Keynote Video | Presented By: Christine Barnes, Alexandra Wiebke, Fadel Chbihna | Published: November 16, 2015
Can a coaching culture improve your bottom line? Learn how to drive a coaching culture in your organization from this engaging panel discussion, featuring the winner and runner-up of the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) 2015 ... Read more

7 Tips for Coaching in a Hyper-connected World

Blog | Author: Saba | Source: HCI | Published: November 16, 2015

Now that streaming digital media has become so ingrained in the fabric of day-to-day life, so much so that we have added new words like “binge-watching” to the cultural lexicon, it’s hard to recall a time when it wasn’t a part of the way things work. Books are online now. DVD’s are obsolete. Even the playbooks used by NFL players and coaches have been replaced by tablets so the position coaches can swipe from play to play and review up-to-the-minute video of the opposition’s scheme and tendencies.

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No Review, No Problem Infographic

Infographic | Author: Jenna Filipkowski | Source: Human Capital Institute | Published: October 21, 2015
Performance management is THE topic for discussion for HR right now. Organizations are taking a closer look at their performance management processes and deciding what to keep, revise, or remove. Besides being the second most disliked activity by ... Read more

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