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Employees navigating your organization will always be better prepared when they are guided by other leaders and actively share knowledge with them. You can utilize external executive coaches to provide objective advice and goal-setting skills, and you can create a mentoring program to bridge the generational and skills gaps in your workforce. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs, and demonstrate the ROI of creating a culture that actively supports coaching and mentoring.

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2014 Trends in Executive Development

Webcast | Presented By: Bonnie Hagemann | Webcast Airs: April 17, 2014
One of the best resources for Senior Operations Leaders, Leadership Development Experts and HR professionals, the 2014 Trends in Executive Development Research Report is the product of a collaborative partnership between Executive Development ... Read more
White Paper

Developing a Thinking Organization

White Paper | Source: Kepner-Tregoe, Inc. | Published: 21 hours ago
With no end in sight to ‘austerity’ and only meagre expectations for growth in consumer demand, the necessity for organisations to be different and to perform better is acute. To borrow loosely from H.G. Well’s ... Read more

The Rocky Transition from Intern to Full-time Hire: Why Millennials Love You as Interns & Leave You as Full-Time Hires

Blog | Author: Amy Hirsh Robinson | Source: HCI | Published: April 9, 2014

In an effort to stay competitive, companies are seeking employees with an aptitude for technology, innovation, customization, and flexibility.  Many, believing that the Millennial generation has these core competencies, have beefed up their University Relations and college intern programs as a way to fill their talent pipelines for the future. These intern programs are quite successful in developing and motivating Millennials to work. The problem is in the transition to full-time hire. Specifically, the experience that new graduates receive as interns is in stark contrast to what they experience as full-time employees. This disconnect causes high Millennial attrition and damages the reputation of the employer as a desirable place to work.

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Developing Female Leaders

Webcast | Presented By: Lisa George, Aida Sabo | Webcast Aired: April 1, 2014
What is missing from the creation of more leadership positions for women in the workplace? Is it that the development pipeline isn’t being filled with young women that have the skills, drive and ambition to advance upward into executive ... Read more

Trapped in the Big Easy: Leadership Lessons Learned

Blog | Author: Gregory A. Ketchum, Ph.D. | Source: HCI | Published: March 12, 2014

Long after the images of suffering, disarray, and death from Hurricane Katrina recede from public memory, this one fact will remain; the story of Katrina is one of the massive failures of leadership on all levels including local, state and federal governments along with emergency and disaster relief agencies. Had effective leadership been on the ground in New Orleans immediately after the storm passed much of the suffering, confusion, and death could have been prevented.

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Talk with Me!

Webcast | Presented By: Sandra Boyd, Kim Spurgeon | Webcast Aired: February 19, 2014
Webcast Highlights: Learn how to expand on your current Career Management practices with the implementation of Career Coaching Conversations Discover the key challenges facing the creation and practice of Career Management ... Read more