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Employees navigating your organization will always be better prepared when they are guided by other leaders and actively share knowledge with them. You can utilize external executive coaches to provide objective advice and goal-setting skills, and you can create a mentoring program to bridge the generational and skills gaps in your workforce. Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs, and demonstrate the ROI of creating a culture that actively supports coaching and mentoring.

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Featured in Coaching and Mentoring:


A Flight Plan for Goal Setting

Article | Author: Sophie Bizeul, PCC | Published: October 9, 2015
Beginning a coaching session or engagement without a specific goal in sight is like putting a client on a plane with no destination: She ends up going from place to place, unsure of where she’ll land next and running the risk that she ... Read more

Building a Coaching Culture for Increased Employee Engagement

Webcast | Presented By: Mark Ruth | Webcast Aired: October 8, 2015
A strong coaching culture is a feature of an exceptional organization. Organizations with strong coaching cultures value and invest in professional coach practitioners and managers using coaching skills, encouraging them to support employees at ... Read more

Building a Coaching Culture for Increased Employee Engagement

Research | Author: Jenna Filipkowski | Source: Human Capital Institute | Published: October 8, 2015
Building on what was learned in the 2014 study, this latest installment of signature research, conducted in partnership between HCI and ICF, explores the prevalence of coaching cultures in today’s organizations and determines if increased ... Read more

Gender Intelligence Beyond Critical Thinking

Webcast | Presented By: John Fayad | Webcast Aired: October 1, 2015
“Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” is a relationship advice book by John Gray that was published 20+ years ago  to help couples better understand their partner and how to more effectively communicate.  While something ... Read more

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