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With the right communication and processes, your employees can withstand drastic organizational changes without a negative impact on business results. Learn about the need for and process of hiring change agents, designing training plans, and implementing technology to support change efforts. You can also capitalize on change initiatives and gain a competitive edge by creating special teams to brainstorm development strategies for the future.

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Featured in Change Management:


The Time to Intelligently Manage Change is Now

Webcast | Presented By: Barbara Trautlein, Matt Poepsel | Webcast Aired: September 23, 2015
These days as more organizations are adopting a more fluid process of getting things done – change management is less the exception and more the norm. But this doesn’t mean that everyone can accept change with open arms. Organizations ... Read more

Partnership 101: More than an Observer

Blog | Author: Ankita Poddar | Source: HCI | Published: September 22, 2015

Individual employees are the front line partnership for any human resource professional. Yet, for an HRBP, the average number of hours spent per week intentionally interacting with employees can be disturbingly low.

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Three Ways Leaders Should Prepare for Change

Blog | Author: Mary Herrmann | Source: HCI | Published: September 18, 2015

Are you launching a new strategy, preparing for a merger, implementing a new process, or experiencing a culture change? As leaders, we can’t guide others through change before accepting it ourselves. It’s easy to get caught up in developing the strategy, designing the plans, and building the implementation teams without first taking the time to assess our own preparedness. Like using the emergency oxygen masks on a flight, you have to first take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

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HR Is Failing Worse than Laptop Manufacturers

Blog | Author: Drew Fortin | Source: HCI | Published: September 10, 2015

When former Chairman and CEO Jack Welch made Six Sigma – a data-based method for improving the quality output of a process by identifying and removing the causes of defects (errors) and minimizing variability – the foundation of his strategy at General Electric, he significantly improved product reliability and decreased service-call rates. By reaching 6 Sigma (three defects in a million) the company is said to have saved $12 billion over five years.[1]

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White Paper

The Story of Intelligent Talent Management

White Paper | Published: August 18, 2015
Most talent management solutions aren't all that different from each other. But this one is: it’s built around a machine-learning brain—technology that quickly digests incoming workforce data, evaluates it, and ... Read more

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