Change Management

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With the right communication and processes, your employees can withstand drastic organizational changes without a negative impact on business results. Learn about the need for and process of hiring change agents, designing training plans, and implementing technology to support change efforts. You can also capitalize on change initiatives and gain a competitive edge by creating special teams to brainstorm development strategies for the future.

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Developing Emotionally Effective Leaders

When it comes to emotional intelligence, the gap between knowing and doing is holding many leaders back. While it has become widely accepted that emotional intelligence is a key ingredient of leadership success, leaders struggle to translate ... Read more

The Working Mother of the Future: How Demographics Will Force Change for Women at Work

Blog | Author: Amy Hirsh Robinson | Source: HCI | Published: November 14, 2014

Human capital professionals play a decisive role in successfully Recruiting, Developing, and Keeping 21st Century Female Leaders, but they must take a critical look at their company’s generational and gender biases, recruitment tactics and talent management practices. The demand for family and women friendly workplace practices and cultures will gather steam due to changing generational and societal shifts. What will you do to ensure your company’s standing for the future?

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Develop Change Intelligence to Transform from HR Professional to Business Leader

Blog | Author: Barbara A. Trautlein, Ph.D., Principal, Change Catalysts, LLC | Source: HCI | Published: November 6, 2014

As an HR professional, do you struggle to influence leaders from other functional groups?  Especially during times of major change, do you wrestle with how to connect "people needs" with "business objectives"?  Are you challenged to communicate in a way that your messages "get through"? If you are frustrated that you are not getting traction "outside" with colleagues in finance or IT or operations, try turning the lens "inside" and examine your own mindsets and behaviors.  Often, what looks like resistance in others is an opportunity to enhance our Change Intelligence as leaders.

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