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With the right communication and processes, your employees can withstand drastic organizational changes without a negative impact on business results. Learn about the need for and process of hiring change agents, designing training plans, and implementing technology to support change efforts. You can also capitalize on change initiatives and gain a competitive edge by creating special teams to brainstorm development strategies for the future.

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3 Fierce Steps to Kick Off 2015

Blog | Author: Stacey Engle, Vice President of Marketing, Fierce, Inc. | Source: HCI | Published: 1 day ago

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

You harden if you are not stretching. While most of us think about stretching as a physical activity, we must also stretch our brains, our hearts, and our perspectives. Only when we do this, can we fully shift. It’s about going to your core – figuratively.

So I ask: How do you plan to stretch yourself in 2015? Here are three simple steps to help kick off your new year.


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Developing Emotionally Effective Leaders

Webcast | Presented By: Drew Bird | Webcast Aired: December 2, 2014
When it comes to emotional intelligence, the gap between knowing and doing is holding many leaders back. While it has become widely accepted that emotional intelligence is a key ingredient of leadership success, leaders struggle to translate ... Read more