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What work and social environments, personal attributes and characteristics are conducive to developing creative performance and innovation? If creativity and motivation to be innovative can be assessed and measured, how does that affect talent management practices? What does it take to create an innovative culture and the related talent management practices that make continuous improvement part of your every day way of doing business.

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Moving Past the Lecture: Experiential Learning for Large Groups

Webcast | Presented By: Amanda Young Hickman, Karen Powell | Webcast Aired: May 5, 2015
Think learning in ballrooms is boring? Learn how to get your participants energized in a high-context experience that gets people talking and engaging in real business issues. Learn what caused one Fortune 100 executive to state, "Wow! ... Read more
White Paper

The Seven Signposts of High Potential Leaders

White Paper | Source: Korn Ferry Institute | Published: April 6, 2015
How can organizations predict who will become a successful future leader? After all, simply measuring a person’s current job performance is a bedeviling undertaking. And none of us have the ability to see into the future. The ... Read more

Lessons from the End

Blog | Author: Amanda Young Hickman | Source: HCI | Published: March 26, 2015

The end of a brand is often a rotten confluence of events—economic trends, smart competitors, and changing technologies can all be the death knell for a company.  However, leaders or leadership teams that stay balanced in their approach improve the odds of seeing potentially fatal challenges early enough to address them.

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How Technology is Overhauling Performance Management

Webcast | Presented By: Edward Lawler, III, Gerry Ledford | Webcast Aired: March 18, 2015
Despite the unpopularity of performance management, multiple surveys confirm that almost no companies actually have abandoned it.  For good reason: companies need performance management to allocate-performance-based pay increases, bonuses, ... Read more