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After engagement, retention is the top talent management concern in today's global economy. The true ROI of top talent isn't realized if that talent leaves. Add the significant cost of replacing talent to the loss of skills and institutional knowledge when top performers leave, and the importance of retention becomes even more manifest. These factors, coupled with the rapidly changing demographics of today's workforce as the Baby Boomer generation begins to leave in significant numbers and the Millenial generation makes its presence increasingly felt, demands that savvy leaders understand the dynamics of retaining talent and know how to manage talent with retention as a goal.

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White Paper

How to Be the Boss without Being the B-word (Bossy)

White Paper | Author: Cathleen Clerkin, Christine A. Crumbacher, Julia Fernando, and William A. (Bill) Gentry | Source: Center for Creative Leadership | Published: February 5, 2015
New research from the Center for Creative Leadership shows that just because you are the boss,  doesn’t mean it’s ok to be bossy. Leaders from a survey panel of 201 leaders from the United States shared their experiences ... Read more

Hand Managers the Keys to Drive Employee Engagement

Webcast | Presented By: Heather Backstrom, Rachel Karu | Webcast Aired: February 3, 2015
Research shows us that engaged employees are twice as likely to work hard and to go the extra mile for customers, three times as likely to stay for the next two years, and ten times as likely to be willing to take a pay cut than employees who are ... Read more

Cultivating Leadership Skills

Article | Author: Amanda Young Hickman | Source: | Published: January 15, 2015
There are hundreds of inspiring quotes—“Leaders aren’t born, they are made” (Vince Lombardi, among others), and books and blog postings about developing your leadership skills.  They offer useful advice and thought ... Read more

Inspect Your Talent Mobility Practice and Inspire Internal Careers

Blog | Author: Andrew Bateman | Source: HCI | Published: January 9, 2015

To kick off 2015, the Human Capital Institute is featuring original content on talent mobility, and to re-familiarize myself with the topic I spent some time skimming through a colleague’s notes concerning contemporary research. Somewhere between a study citing only 36% of businesses have access to reliable data on top performers that were not included in succession plans and a blog post about how U.S. based companies are taking 25% more time to make a hire, I stumbled on a somewhat eye-popping statistic.

Read more