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After engagement, retention is the top talent management concern in today's global economy. The true ROI of top talent isn't realized if that talent leaves. Add the significant cost of replacing talent to the loss of skills and institutional knowledge when top performers leave, and the importance of retention becomes even more manifest. These factors, coupled with the rapidly changing demographics of today's workforce as the Baby Boomer generation begins to leave in significant numbers and the Millenial generation makes its presence increasingly felt, demands that savvy leaders understand the dynamics of retaining talent and know how to manage talent with retention as a goal.

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Excerpts from Excellence Every Day: Serving Your Employees

Article | Author: Lior Arussy, President and Founder, Strativity Group | Source: Information Today Inc. | Published: April 11, 2014
In Excellence Every Day, Strativity Group’s Lior Arussy demonstrates that a company's success is the direct consequence of the many choices its people make daily. His inspired (and inspiring) remedy is the "Daily Choice," ... Read more

Sharpening Your Coaching Skills

Blog | Author: Judah Kurtz, BPI group | Source: HCI | Published: April 11, 2014

In our last post, we talked about the factors driving coaching’s rise to prominence in the workplace, the foundations for solid coaching, and how to get into the coaching mindset. Now, let’s look at how to refine your leader-coach skills to deliver that shared success for which you and your employees strive.

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Your Bad Mood is More Contagious than You Think

Blog | Author: Nicole Lipkin, Equilibria Leadership Consulting | Source: HCI | Published: March 27, 2014

Research has shown that emotions strongly influence our memory, our perception of events, our thought processes and, ultimately, our behavior. In the workplace, people’s moods tremendously impact decision-making, problem-solving, attention/focus, interpersonal interactions, performance, productivity, and the whole organizational culture.   

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Employee Engagement: Proven Methods For Lasting Impact

Webcast | Presented By: Lior Arussy, Ed Murphy | Webcast Aired: February 20, 2014
Webcast Highlights: Six false assumptions that lead to failure The reasons why employees don’t respond The 4 core relationships that directly affect employee engagement and productivity How to design an effective and ... Read more