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Succession isn’t just about planning for changes in the C-suite. Beyond identifying future leaders, your succession management strategy should include workforce planning, skills gap analyses, and the creation of development programs to increase bench strength at all levels of the organization. Learn ways to identify and define the leadership skills you need at the top, and discover how to align and integrate those competencies throughout the company.

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Featured in Succession Management:


Succession Matters for Your Future Workforce

Are you looking at your complete leadership pipeline when identifying potential? Is too much of your talent being ‘bought’ externally rather than promoted from the inside? Have your leaders received the right blend of development ... Read more

Taking Succession Planning Beyond the C-Suite for Greater Impact

Webcast | Presented By: Abbie Bejrowski | Webcast Aired: July 23, 2015
At most organizations, succession management is only focused on executives and takes place behind closed-doors. The real power of succession planning is yet to be discovered. By taking succession beyond the C-suite and enabling all employees to ... Read more

How to Take Succession Planning Beyond the C-Suite

Blog | Author: Charles Coy | Source: HCI | Published: July 16, 2015

When HR leaders talk about succession planning, it's typically accompanied by a frantic warning against the "silver tsunami" of retiring Baby Boomers. And rightfully so, as nearly 4 million Boomers will retire this year, leaving organizations with a notable talent gap in senior leadership. But there's another side to the succession planning story that's often overlooked—and it starts at the point of hire.

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Succession Matters – Learning Agility

Video | Published: June 2, 2015
Learning agility is one of the critical dimensions of leadership potential and marks out individuals who can apply what they’ve learnt to new and first-time conditions. Find out more about one of Korn Ferry’s Seven Signposts of ... Read more

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