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Selecting the right talent for your organization requires thorough evaluations and accurate measurements. Today’s companies use a variety of assessment methods to determine a candidate’s skill level, competencies, and behaviors in a variety of work scenarios. Discover the types of assessments being used for candidate evaluation and how to create your own assessment strategy.


Top 5 Talent Selection Metrics for HR

Article | Source: Chequed | Published: February 13, 2015
Would a few tweaks to your talent acquisition strategy help to move your busines forward? If you answered yes, maybe it's time to take five and reassess. What if you left lagging indicators like cost per hire, time to hire and turnover rates ... Read more

HCIPodcast: Disrupting HR with Data

Podcast | Published: January 9, 2015
How is data disrupting the evolution of HR?  What are the biggest challenges and pain-points analytics will alleviate?  How can the data from pre-hire assessments streamline HR processes?  Ray Bixler, President and CEO of ... Read more