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Selecting the right talent for your organization requires thorough evaluations and accurate measurements. Today’s companies use a variety of assessment methods to determine a candidate’s skill level, competencies, and behaviors in a variety of work scenarios. Discover the types of assessments being used for candidate evaluation and how to create your own assessment strategy.

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The First 90 Days Will Make or Break Your New Hire

Webcast | Presented By: Amy Hirsh Robinson | Webcast Aired: July 9, 2015
The statistics surrounding onboarding and employee engagement are staggering. Various reports tell us that something about the onboarding process is broken. While the preferred tenure of most new hires is 2-3 years, almost 50% of Millennials plan ... Read more

3 Generations of Talent: Who's Searching for Jobs Today [Infographic]

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: July 8, 2015

Unemployment is down and job seeker confidence is high for the first time in years. This is great news for the economy but it poses some challenges for employers — job seekers of all ages will be carefully considering their options and organizations will need to work all the harder to make their opportunities stand out from the rest.

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Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference 2015: Recap

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: July 1, 2015

Last week, HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition conference took place in Boston with over 500 HR professionals and vendors in attendance. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in engaging workshops and hear exciting talks from HR leaders from some of the nation’s leading organizations. Though I myself was not present in Boston, I had the privilege of viewing many of the talks through our Virtual Conference platform.

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