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As recruiting practices become more digital, you need to use marketing techniques and social media to source hires and build your employer brand. You can create a content strategy to share messages about your work environment and employee culture. Use social networking to attract, grab the interest of passive candidates with your online reputation, and update your systems to better manage digital recruiting efforts.

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Why Hiring in Healthcare is Harder than Ever

Article | Published: March 19, 2015
Human capital is the backbone of the healthcare industry--but recently, it is starting to feel the strain. In the last few years, the way healthcare is supported, consumed and delivered in the US has undergone some dramatic changes. These changes ... Read more

Recruiting is Marketing – 4 Steps to Get Started

Webcast | Presented By: Craig Fisher, Kimberly Pope | Webcast Aired: March 18, 2015
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Signs You Have Outgrown Skype for Video Interviewing

Article | Source: Montage | Published: March 16, 2015
It’s readily available and it’s free. So, Skype is where many U.S. businesses get started meeting a job candidate from afar. Most companies that hire frequently, however, quickly discover its limitations. How do you know ... Read more

Creating Job Descriptions that Increase Candidate Pipeline

Webcast | Presented By: Charles Ashworth, Bev Daly, Kelly Payne | Webcast Aired: March 11, 2015
Writing a winning job description isn’t rocket science, but there are key things to keep in mind for maximum effectiveness. After all, your goal is to attract high-quality job seekers and avoid those who need not ... Read more

The 3 Great Challenges of Hiring in Energy

Article | Source: SkillSurvey | Published: March 11, 2015
Whether there’s a new oil rig to build, or aging transmission lines to service, being a successful hiring manager in the energy industry means being able to put large project teams together, fast. And being able to do it again and ... Read more