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Recruiting decisions aren’t limited to selecting the right candidates. With comprehensive analytics, you can identify the talent you’ll need, the pools with the right candidates, and methods to evaluate for fit. Don’t be intimidated by big data. Learn how you can develop people intelligence so you find the available skilled talent you need quickly and at a lower cost.

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Why Is HR Struggling with Candidate Experience?

Webcast | Presented By: Matt Charney, Ivan Casanova | Webcast Aired: December 17, 2014
Job seekers are more frustrated than ever.  Describing the experience as time-consuming, stressful, discouraging and even painful, candidates are not impressed with outdated technologies and inefficient processes.  It’s hard to ... Read more
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Creative People + Authentic Storytelling = The Right Hires

Keynote Video | Presented By: Jeffrey Lackey, Daniel Perkins | Published: December 17, 2014
While best known for its iconic car, Rolls-Royce has evolved into an engineering powerhouse, responsible for airplane engines, marine propulsion systems and power generation equipment. And yet, despite this product evolution, the brand and ... Read more
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Using Marketing Driven Data for Great Candidate Fit

Keynote Video | Presented By: Kyle Power | Published: December 17, 2014
There is frequent discussion around the need for HR to better partner with other business functions, but what collaboration is most important to attract the best talent? In this Keynote Video, Kyle Powers, Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG ... Read more
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Automated ​Reference Checking: The Hidden Benefits

Keynote Video | Presented By: Brandon Moreno | Published: December 17, 2014
Many organizations and leaders implement strategies to strengthen their talent pipelines, but what about the later steps in the process? How can you ensure that once a pipeline is at capacity that candidate information is being routinely reviewed ... Read more

When It Comes to Onboarding Technology, THINK BIG!

Blog | Author: Ryan Rivera | Source: HCI | Published: December 15, 2014

If you use onboarding technology, you are probably familiar with how the system helps streamline and manage the onboarding process, but if you look closely at other employee life events like promotions, transfers, or even offboarding, you’ll see that onboarding technology can help manage the entire employee life cycle.  

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