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Recruiting decisions aren’t limited to selecting the right candidates. With comprehensive analytics, you can identify the talent you’ll need, the pools with the right candidates, and methods to evaluate for fit. Don’t be intimidated by big data. Learn how you can develop people intelligence so you find the available skilled talent you need quickly and at a lower cost.

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RPO Change Management: What to Expect in the First 120 Days

Blog | Author: Emily Gordon | Source: HCI | Published: October 7, 2014

It’s a fact that no recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) transition is perfect, yet people assume theirs will be. I’ve managed RPO transitions with many clients, and while change is always challenging, it helps to know that there is a predictable pattern to it — a normalcy to the pain you will feel. Part of my work at Seven Step RPO is to hold a full day “change management” meeting with new clients. We have found that nothing beats taking the time to be informed and educated about what to expect as we work toward a mutual goal of aligning a team that hires great talent. 

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Mobile Recruitment: Still Playing Catch Up

Blog | Author: Jed Hamilton, Director of Corporate Communications at Jibe | Source: HCI | Published: September 30, 2014

By the level of noise and chatter focused on the mobile recruiting trend over the past several years one would think that corporate talent acquisition teams have made great strides in adopting and deploying these solutions. But the results of the recently released 2014 Jibe Talent Acquisition Survey tells another story.


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Where Are the Top Markets for Part Time Job Searches?

Blog | Author: Daniel Culbertson, Economic Research Analyst, Indeed | Source: HCI | Published: September 29, 2014

The Indeed Hiring Lab has been pumping out some really fascinating insights over the past year.  In May, Indeed’s Lead Economist and Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University, Tara Sinclair Ph.D., shared the initial results in a webcast  with HCI revealing that 81.5% of people are searching for jobs outside of their current occupation, 43.5% of people are searching in their current occupation, and that the higher the share of job postings in an occupation, the more attractive it is to job seekers.

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White Paper

Maximize the Value of Your Blended Workforce

White Paper | Source: Peoplefluent | Published: September 26, 2014
That’s the unmistakable message of “Freelancing in America: Rise of the Contingent Workforce,” a thought- provoking article published recently on It cites a number of sources that confirm just ... Read more