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Attracting and selecting the right candidates for your organization requires a top recruiting strategy and a little technological finesse. Learn strategies to help forecast your recruiting needs, build your candidate pipeline, and select the applicants who will be a match for your organizational culture. Develop a proactive talent acquisition strategy so your company can hire top quality candidates.

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Creating an Employer Brand that Stands Out

A recent survey at Axial, a NYC-based technology company, asked employees, “What do we do well here?" Ninety percent of responses mentioned the positive culture and the people that they hire. A response like this doesn't happen ... Read more

Predictive Analytics: Leverage Data to Prevent First Year Turnover & Improve the Talent Pipeline

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: 3 days ago

Our economy is finally recovering from the Great Recession, and that means great things for candidates—job opportunities are increasing, and candidates are finding themselves in the position to be more selective and possess high expectations of their employer of choice. Candidates are looking for more than just a salary—they’re exploring different varieties of company cultures, expecting benefits that are conducive to family life and work-life balance, and seeking flexible schedules and opportunities for telecommuting. But what does that mean for employers?

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