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Attracting and selecting the right candidates for your organization requires a top recruiting strategy and a little technological finesse. Learn strategies to help forecast your recruiting needs, build your candidate pipeline, and select the applicants who will be a match for your organizational culture. Develop a proactive talent acquisition strategy so your company can hire top quality candidates.

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The Candidate Experience: It’s Not Fixed Yet

Blog | Author: Randi Kenney | Source: HCI | Published: November 24, 2015

The Talent Board’s 2014 CandE Awards recipients are a showcase of well-known and popular brands, featuring companies such as adidas, Capital One, AT&T and GAP. Sixty-two organizations were recognized for their candidate experience. That’s great news for anyone looking for jobs at those particular organizations. But what about the rest of us?

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Be Heard! Content Strategy for Recruiting

Webcast | Presented By: Jeff McCarthy | Webcast Aired: November 19, 2015
With thousands of employers vying for the attention of prospective hires online, it’s more important than ever to make your recruiting efforts heard over the noise. Compelling stories, job titles and descriptions are critical pieces of your ... Read more

Top 100 Employment Brands Report: Create, Deploy, Measure

Webcast | Presented By: Kimberly Pope, Elizabeth Murphy | Webcast Aired: November 18, 2015
Employment branding has evolved, now that candidates control the employment market. Yet many employers are still struggling to create the right strategy that effectively improves their ability to attract and retain talent. Join Kim Pope, ... Read more

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