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Your perfect candidate could be located in any number of talent pools — passive candidates, active job seekers, or even entrepreneurs. Your recruiting strategy has to have a sourcing plan to gather candidates with the skills and experience you need, as well as engage them through the entire selection process. Once you have a plan in place, support your sourcing strategy with technology, social media, and recruiting analytics.

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Predictive Analytics: Optimize Your Candidate Experience

Webcast | Presented By: John Blowers, Jim Delgaldo | Webcast Aired: 2 days ago
Did you know that the top reasons behind a negative candidate experience are completely preventable? While you may realize this, many companies aren’t optimizing the process through data and research findings. By implementing predictive ... Read more

Shaping the Employer Brand: Three Keys to Success in 2015 and Beyond

Webcast | Presented By: James Foley, Doug Bryant, Barry Hirschman, Valerie Janssens | Webcast Aired: 2 days ago
This webinar will take a look at three fundamental challenges of employer branding and the strategies being implemented by three different companies to address them. The session will be led by global employer brand strategy leader, James Foley of ... Read more

What “Candidate Experience” Means in Today’s Digital World

Blog | Author: Mike Roberts | Source: HCI | Published: May 20, 2015

Since most Millennials have been immersed in technology for a majority of their lives, it’s safe to say they’re pretty awesome judges of all things digital. As a consequence, consumer-facing aspects of businesses really have no choice but to keep pace with these users’ digital expectations as they evolve over time. Though, that’s not always the case for the less visible parts of the business—like recruiting.

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