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What work and social environments, personal attributes and characteristics are conducive to developing creative performance and innovation? If creativity and motivation to be innovative can be assessed and measured, how does that affect talent management practices? What does it take to create an innovative culture and the related talent management practices that make continuous improvement part of your every day way of doing business.

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Change Now! Five Steps to Better Leadership

Webcast | Presented By: Cynthia McCauley | Webcast Aired: September 24, 2014
Every successful leader knows one thing for certain: The skills and knowledge that brought them to where they are probably won't take them to where they need to go. Successful people adapt and grow. They thrive because they change. And ... Read more

7 goals or 1 team? What Brazil Learned from the World Cup

Article | Author: Joana Viana, Business Analyst, Hay Group Brazil | Source: Hay Group | Published: September 15, 2014
Two months ago, I wrote a blog about the passion us Brazilians have for football and what the World Cup means to us. I mentioned our internal logistics for hosting the tournament and how schools and businesses would close so that everyone could ... Read more
The Secret is Consistency

Leadership’s Simple Secret: Consistency in Word, Deed, and Direction

Blog | Author: Amanda Young Hickman | Source: HCI | Published: September 4, 2014

Leadership comes in all kinds of styles, in all kinds of settings. Despite the endless variations and examples of leaders in the world, there is a simple truth about the leadership choices that resonate and make a difference in driving results. It’s about consistency. Word, Deed, and Direction.

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The Importance of Sales Incentive Programs

Article | Source: GC Incentives™ | Published: August 29, 2014
Sales are the lifeblood of every business. A company that is more effective at selling its products will outperform its competitors, even if they offer higher quality or better value. It is, therefore, essential for businesses ... Read more