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After engagement, retention is the top talent management concern in today's global economy. The true ROI of top talent isn't realized if that talent leaves. Add the significant cost of replacing talent to the loss of skills and institutional knowledge when top performers leave, and the importance of retention becomes even more manifest. These factors, coupled with the rapidly changing demographics of today's workforce as the Baby Boomer generation begins to leave in significant numbers and the Millenial generation makes its presence increasingly felt, demands that savvy leaders understand the dynamics of retaining talent and know how to manage talent with retention as a goal.

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Rewarding Simply: Recognize Incentive Program Complexities

Research | Author: Jenna Filipkowski | Source: Human Capital Institute | Published: November 12, 2015
​In this signature research, conducted in partnership between the Human Capital Institute and GC Incentives, we explore the greatest challenges facing rewards and recognition programs, and how organizations can address those challenges and find ... Read more
White Paper

The Always-On Performance Strategy

White Paper | Published: November 4, 2015
To be successful in an increasingly competitive environment, employers must continuously work on keeping their employees engaged. But employee engagement has become all the more difficult in recent years, as a social, mobile world ... Read more
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Revolutionizing HR for a Wireless Rebel

Keynote Video | Presented By: Ben Bratt | Published: September 24, 2015
What’s an HR professional to do when “tried and true” HR practices are met with disinterest or even resistance?  What do you do when the pace of change all around outstrips your ability to adapt?  In this HCI Keynote ... Read more
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Grooming Millennial Leaders for Success

Keynote Video | Presented By: Alexandra Levit | Published: September 24, 2015
In the summer of 2015, Millennials became the majority of the global workforce. And if you thought Millennials were tough to manage, just wait till Generation Z enters the job market. In this HCI Keynote video, Alexandra Levit, New York Times ... Read more

Fairness in Rewards: Slippery Slope or Manageable Terrain?

Webcast | Presented By: Mark Royal, Tom McMullen | Webcast Aired: September 8, 2015
A sense of balance between what people contribute to your organization and what they get back in return is fundamental to engaging, motivating and retaining your employees.   Research shows that perceptions of fairness in rewards – or ... Read more

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