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After engagement, retention is the top talent management concern in today's global economy. The true ROI of top talent isn't realized if that talent leaves. Add the significant cost of replacing talent to the loss of skills and institutional knowledge when top performers leave, and the importance of retention becomes even more manifest. These factors, coupled with the rapidly changing demographics of today's workforce as the Baby Boomer generation begins to leave in significant numbers and the Millenial generation makes its presence increasingly felt, demands that savvy leaders understand the dynamics of retaining talent and know how to manage talent with retention as a goal.

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Great Players Want Great Coaches

October 28, 2016 | Randi Kenney | HCI

Sports teams have a lot in common with business organizations.  As we see every day on ESPN, those who become the best performers in athletics continually seek out the highest performing coaches. That’s the reason many Olympic athletes work with coaches who are former Olympians themselves. So what can business leaders learn from the coaches they admire?

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Tribal Leadership: It’s All About the People

September 26, 2016 | Garry Ridge

Leaders often say that people are their most valuable resource. If that is the case, why are nearly 70% of all employees in the U.S. disengaged at work? Clearly, the conferences, books, courses, and motivational speakers are insufficient ...

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