The Virtual, Global Workforce

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The global economy requires a global workforce. The right HR strategy can develop the leaders you need to adapt to changing cultures, intense competition, and expanding markets. Learn how you can attract and retain global talent, use virtual solutions to connect a distributed workforce, and take advantage of international work assignments to strengthen your talent’s experience.

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Use Workforce Analytics to Drive Cultural Change

Article | Source: PI Worldwide | Published: 22 hours ago
84% of global leaders believe culture is critical to business success, and companies with adaptive cultures aligned to business goals outperform competitors by as much as 200%. But...70% of all major change efforts ... Read more

Leading Change

Article | Author: Chris Jock | Published: November 11, 2014
John Kotter, professor and authority on management and leadership, has influenced generations of global business leaders with his perspective on strategy and management. Centered in the philosophy of leading change, Kotter’s model is ... Read more

KellyOCG Contingent Expert Explains It All with Bill Kutik

Blog | Author: Chris Hooper | Source: HCI | Published: November 4, 2014

You’ve read about it everywhere you look: American organizations have fewer full-time W-2 employees than ever before, with fully one-sixth of the workforce being “contingents.” And even more people are being brought into the workforce that way every day. But in reality, if you peel away all the layers of the contingent onion, it’s revealed to be an umbrella term that actually includes an estimated 44 percent of current workers! What should HR be doing?

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The Hackett Group Global Payroll Study 2013

Video | Published: November 4, 2014
Do you know how well your payroll organization stacks up against the best in the world? Watch this webinar as we review highlights from The Hackett Group’s 2013 Global Payroll Study. This annual study benchmarks payroll performance from 120 ... Read more

Building a Bench of Cloud Based Talent

Article | Source: MBO Partners | Published: November 3, 2014
As a leader or HR professional, your next top-performing employee may be an independent contractor. The new work landscape demands a broader strategic talent management plan that integrates a dynamic mix of full time and flexible, project based ... Read more

Let the Innovators Innovate

Article | Published: November 3, 2014
For leaders of global organizations, the writing is on the boardroom wall: companies in the post-2008 economy must re-engineer their workforce models to become the innovative organizations of the future. Organizational leadership and culture must ... Read more