The Virtual, Global Workforce

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The global economy requires a global workforce. The right HR strategy can develop the leaders you need to adapt to changing cultures, intense competition, and expanding markets. Learn how you can attract and retain global talent, use virtual solutions to connect a distributed workforce, and take advantage of international work assignments to strengthen your talent’s experience.

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Engaging Jobseekers

Article | Published: 1 day ago
What are the latest trends about what Jobseekers and Employees are thinking for 2014?  KellyOCG shares the results of their recent research into this topic with a short video. Read more

How Much Should You Pay for Independent Contractor Services?

Article | Source: MBO Partners | Published: October 20, 2014
Independent contractors can allow your business to tap into in-demand skillsets, gain specialized expertise, provide an external perspective and support your work needs while keeping your employees focused on your core business. But what does it ... Read more

High Performance Exists when Employees are Challenged and Supported

Blog | Author: Fabio Malagisi | Source: HCI | Published: October 14, 2014

In any high-performance organization, the acts of learning and achieving development must be prevalent and ongoing for employees at all levels. Great organizations understand that they have a responsibility to create two imperatives: An environment of stretch opportunity and a culture that develops others. I have seen that by providing employees with these two imperatives, which is inclusive of new challenges, a strong support system, and a structured method through which they can share ideas, companies are able to thrive. 

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Need High-demand Talent? Consider Talent Community Management.

Blog | Author: Maria Rosploch, Vice President, Global Solutions Architecture and Enhanced Services, KellyOCG | Source: HCI | Published: October 6, 2014

Whether you recognize it or not, today on top of core competencies, your company is also deeply immersed in the business of talent. A series of unprecedented shifts in global, corporate, and economic trends have all conspired to make talent a key issue for leading companies across many sectors.

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White Paper

2014 State of Independence in America Report

White Paper | Source: MBO Partners | Published: October 6, 2014
The wait is over! The fourth annual MBO Partners State of Independence in America Report is live! Building on four years of data, the report reveals how independent work in America has developed into a mega trend, with 30 million now regularly ... Read more

Global Payroll Strategy: Look to the Cloud for a Solution

Blog | Author: Workday Big Data Analytics | Source: HCI | Published: October 3, 2014

If you’re frustrated by your outdated payroll system, you are not alone. Payroll is a huge challenge for today’s global companies. Check out the infographic to learn how the cloud can totally transform your payroll for the best and why there’s no better time than now to do it.

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