2011 Human Capital Summit Virtual Conference

Sweeping changes have taken place across the business and talent management landscape over the past two years. The Great Recession caused us to rethink our work, our workforces, and our workplaces. As we enter into economic recovery, we find ourselves at a critical inflexion point where we have the opportunity to re-imagine, reinvent, and reactivate all things human capital. The post-war, consumer-driven economy is shifting to a new economy based on information, technology, science, and knowledge. As the economy resets, it is time to look at our organizations and ask ourselves: Is my organization positioned for the future? At this year's HCI Human Capital Summit, we will bring you the latest business thinkers, corporate leaders, and cutting-edge practices to expand your thinking and prepare you to lead your organization into the future. Over the course of three days of keynotes, CEO roundtables, and corporate practitioner-led working sessions, we will tackle the most important human capital topics at this point in time: Rethinking Your Workforce, Reengaging & Retaining Your Talent, and Reinventing Your Leadership & Management. Be inspired by our visionary keynote speakers including Elaine Chao, Gary Hamel, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Molly Fletcher, Dan Pink, and many others!