The HCI Agile Performance Management (APM) Certification Course
Agile Performance Management:
HR's Next Big Move

It's no secret that the shortfalls and failures of traditional performance management have become glaringly apparent for most of today's organizations. Widely debunked are the conventional talent management and performance measurement models that rely on tools such as annual performance reviews or even the more recently embraced 360-degree feedback process. Download this whitepaper to learn the impact that HR can have to redefine and recreate the process. The paper explains:

  • Why the traditional method of performance management doesn’t work and what’s changing
  • The key components for any organization to understand to begin implementing agile performance management
  • A brief look at the first course developed specifically to help any organization gain a working model for how to think about and conduct agile performance management and affect change in their organization

Agile Performance Management is designed for the new world of work, it shifts the focus from annual evaluation and rankings to continuous feedback and development. It is more collaborative, social and faster moving.

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