2017 HCInnovation@Work Conference

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How many times do you attend events, take a lot of notes, but then fail to put them into place when you return to work? This session is designed to break that cycle by giving you the chance to apply real-world “hacking” techniques to your biggest HR challenges and problems.  Through this creative destruction, we will break some of our old thinking, create new solutions, and then share our work with the other attendees at the end of the event. If you are an innovative leader that needs a creative outlet or if want to do some hands-on work, join us.

You will learn:

  • The backbones of running a hackathon and how this drives innovation
  • How to apply hackathons to the workplace with experiential learning exercises
  • The process of creative deconstruction in creating new more efficient solutions
  • Discover the potency of applying a hacking mindset to your work
  • Learn a simple four-step process of hacking that can be easily learned and applied to foster creativity and innovation
  • Gain new insights and ideas for how to improve the impact of your efforts
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Presented by: Gayle Van Gils

Using the acronym ENGAGE, we will explore the many benefits that will accrue in a Mindful Workplace.  We will explore how simple mindfulness practices can help energize, focus, expand and enrich both the employee experience and the company culture.  The six elements in ENGAGE which will be presented are: Energize - Notice - Grow - Act - Give - Enjoy.  In these roundtable sessions, we will explore how these results address current problems you may be addressing, and how you could bring these benefits your workplace and employees.

You will learn:

  • Mindfulness techniques that can disrupt distraction and increase attention and focus
  • How mindfulness can energize your workforce and enhance flow experiences
  • Mindful practices to enhance communication, collaboration and inclusivity
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Presented by: Chris Bray, Ph.D.

You will learn:

- How your employees react to change (What you do and don’t know)

- What happens in the brain when an employee experiences change

- How to help your employees successfully navigate change - How to sustain high performance through organizational and personal change

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Attendees may select 1 of each type of roundtable to attend. Attendance is limited to registered event attendees only.