2018 Learning and Leadership Development Conference

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Join one of these small-group, interactive sessions as part of your attendance at the 2018 Learning and Leadership Development Conference. Attendance is limited, sign up now to reserve your space!

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Interactive Roundtable | Presented by: David Rock

Join David Rock, international expert in corporate neuroscience for this special intimate and interactive session.  Get the answers to the neuroscience questions you've always wanted to ask - find out why we act the way we do and successful ways to appease and challenge the brain while fostering behavior that aligns to corporate goals and values.


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Pre-registration available in the event app, or at the HCI registration desk.

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Innovation Sprint | Presented by: Ben Eubanks

How many times do you attend events, take a lot of notes, but then fail to put them into place when you return to work? This session is designed to break that cycle by giving you the chance to apply real-world “hacking” techniques to your biggest HR challenges and problems.

Use creative destruction to break old ways of thinking and create new solutions, and then share work with fellow Innovation Sprint attendees.

Join us if you are:

  • An innovative leader needing a creative outlet
  • Searching for ways to be more innovative
  • Seeking a break from listening to do some hands-on work

It is a widely known fact that a team or company can never outgrow its leaders. If we want our companies to be innovative, we need to practice this theory ourselves as HR leaders. In this special session, two proven voices in the HR community will moderate participatory sessions designed to help you learn the concepts of hackathons and apply them to the workplace with experiential learning exercises.


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Interactive Roundtable | Presented by: Randy Kutz

Your Role Demands Different Skills than Average Negotiators – What are those distinctions and how do you avoid drifting back into your default negotiation style? What can you learn from other leaders about negotiation and how can you implement new skills when negotiating in the myriad of contexts required by your executive role? Drawing from a broad array of situations and historical figures, we will uncover key negotiation skills employed by other leaders, evaluate power and bargaining power uses and abuses, and examine 4 areas of persuasion essential for every Executive Negotiator. This hands-on, interactive workshop will deliver practical, relevant and timely tools you can use today for greater success at the bargaining table.

You will learn:

  • Important distinctions between Average Negotiators and Executive Negotiators in the workplace.
  • 4 Natural Negotiation Styles and how to move beyond your style and intentionally negotiate as an Executive.
  • What key negotiation skills are employed by other leaders throughout history and how to adopt them when negotiating laterally and vertically in your organization.
  • The difference between Power and Bargaining Power and how to use both without abusing either – preserving good will with all people in your sphere of influence.
  • The “Power of the E.X.E.C.” acrostic outlining 4 areas of persuasion to leverage when negotiating as a leader inside and outside your organization.


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Attendees may select 1 of each type of roundtable to attend. Attendance is limited to registered event attendees only.