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Apply People and Business Data to Make Evidence-Based Talent Decisions

Recent LinkedIn research showed a 61% increase year-over-year in the frequency with which HR Analytics is listed as a skill on professional profiles. That means that if you want to advance your HR career, you're going to need to build people analytics skills. While you don't have to be a data analyst or an expert in statistical analysis, you do need to know how to work with data and use it to make evidence-based talent decisions.  

HCI's People Analytics for HR (PAHR) certification program is built for HR professionals like you, using our proprietary research and industry innovations in data and analytics. If there is one HR credential you can't afford not to have, it's People Analytics for HR. 


What You'll Learn

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Consult and Collaborate

Work with key stakeholders to define organizational issues

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Develop & Test Hypotheses

Balance intuition with an analytical mindset

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Interpret People & Organizational Data

Identify patterns and check assumptions

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Tell a Story about the Data

Leverage visualization and anticipate reactions

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Connect to Organizational Outcomes

Align efforts with organizational strategy and measure impact

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What to Expect

  • Select virtual or in-person training dates and times that fit your schedule
  • Finish your HCI program with a free toolkit, access to additional videos and research, and a set of skills that you can use on the job immediately 
  • Access log-in information, certification materials (participant guide and toolkit), and the exam in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with faculty and peers in person or via Zoom 
  • Earn your HCI certification by attending all the sessions, completing all classwork, and passing the multiple-choice exam with a score of 80% or higher 
  • Renew your HCI certification every three years by obtaining 60 credits 
  • Attend this certification program and earn 13 HCI, 13 HRCI, 13 SHRM, and 13 ATD recertification credits
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Course Outline

Day One

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Opening and Introductions
  • HCI's People Analytics model
  • People analytics as part of being a strategic partner to the business
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Connect people analytics to organizational outcomes
  • HCI's Human Capital Management cycle
  • Link to organizational outcomes
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Consult with stakeholders to define organizational issues
  • Stakeholder questioning strategy
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Develop hypotheses about what might be happening
  • What is a hypothesis?
  • Balance experience and intuition with an analytical mindset
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Assemble metrics and expertise to test hypotheses
  • Match metrics to the problem
  • Types and sources of data
  • Check data for completeness and errors
  • Identify groups for analysis
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Analyze people and organizational data
  • Descriptive data distribution
  • Find meaningful differences between groups

Course Outline

Day Two

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Analyze people and organizational data (continued)
  • Identify factors that contribute to a pattern or outcome
  • Check assumptions to ensure that results are not based on chance
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Develop actionable recommendations based on insights 
  • Make sense of your findings
  • Develop an evidence-based recommendation
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Communicate the context of findings and recommendations
  • Tell a story with data
  • Data Visualization best practices and resources
  • Anticipate reactions
  • Put it all together
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Connect people analytics to organizational outcomes, revisited
  • When to use ROI
  • Calculate ROI
  • Action planning and next steps

Class Format