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How can HR teams increase their influence, credibility, and stakeholder buy-in to set and execute strategic priorities?

HCI knows that high-performing HR and talent management teams are proficient in four primary capabilities. 

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Know the Business

How does talent strategy drive the goals of the business?

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Consult and Collaborate

What is the root cause of the challenge we are facing?

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Use Data for Insights

What are the actionable insights?

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Create Business Strategy-Based Solutions

What programs can be scaled to serve my internal customer?

The specific knowledge and skills that make up these four capabilities are taught and practiced in our classes and reinforced at our conferences and in our digital resources.

Develop the Mindsets and Skill Sets You Need with HCI's Corporate Solutions

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Corporate Membership

Gain unrestricted, on-demand access to fresh insights, innovative thinking, and real-world best practices for your entire function.

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Corporate Training

HCI Certification Programs customized to your business needs and delivered to groups on-site and online.

It takes more than a strategic leader to drive the business forward.

You need an HR team that shares your strategic vision, understands how people and talent goals align with the business, and can make strategic recommendations that demonstrate the business impact of people initiatives.

Your HR team should consist of skilled practitioners and experts in their functional areas. From talent acquisition to people analytics and leadership development, the strategic HR team views day-to-day tasks and responsibilities through a lens of strategic thinking and is confident speaking the language of the business.

Despite the challenges you face — smaller budgets, leaner teams, and compressed timelines — there’s never been a better time to start building the strategic team you need.

“At the end of the day, it’s about being savvy and connected to the business strategy and operating plan, and then being intentional about building out leadership development to support the enablement and execution of the enterprise strategy.”

“The more aware we are of where we reside with regards to our strategic maturity in our daily activities, the more opportunities exist for us to direct our time and create space for big thinking,
for innovative contributions, and for the most collaborative and impactful conversations and partnerships that we can offer.”

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