Award-Winning Gender Equity Advocate
Queen City Certified

3:05 pm

3:05m-3:45pm Inclusive by Design: Disrupting Gender and Racial Bias in Recruitment and Hiring Practices

Interactive Session

Gender and racial equity in the workplace are no longer talking points, they are standards demanded by your next hire, your board of directors, your loyal customers. This interactive workshop will explore the ways in which bias is often unintentionally built into our recruitment and hiring practices. From job descriptions to the interviewing process, diversity and inclusion changemakers will be provided with low-cost strategies to disrupt gender and racial bias in organizational systems in order to attract best-in-class talent.

You will learn:

- The policies that work and the well-intentioned policies and practices that fail to increase workplace diversity

- Actionable insights and tools to expand your candidate pool and promote gender and racial equity in the hiring process

- Hands-on practice developing and implementing an interview rubric designed to mitigate bias