Chief People Officer
Frisch's Restaurants, Inc.

9:15 am

9:15am-9:55am Aligning Business and People Strategies: Our Cultural Journey

Most business leaders will tell you that Culture is critically important to the success of their business; but how do you align your business and people strategies with a focus on the culture. For Frisch’s Big Boy, our vision is to be the Best Place to Work, Eat, and Own and evolving our culture to support this vision is a continuous journey. We believe to improve organizational and business results it all starts with culture. As such, we continue to work to identify innovative ways to bring to life our core values and culture designed to enhance the team member experience. With any journey, there have been many successes and lessons learned along the way.

In this session, you will learn:

- How Frisch’s Big Boy harnessed and communicated their core values and culture throughout the organization

- See examples of innovative ways to enhance the team member experience and the impact

- Learn simple tactics for evaluating your own culture through practical lessons learned