Head of Talent Acquisition
Magic Leap, Inc

11:35 am

11:35am-12:05pm Innovation: A Leadership Assessment Model

We live in an age of disruption. The rate of change is only accelerating. Previous mental models to approach competition in the market no longer apply. With digital, demographics, and demand vector forces accelerating their pace against existing business models, organizations need to innovate to remain relevant. Ask any leader and they will tell you that what they seek most in their teams is the ability to innovate so as to transform their business in the face of ever-growing and fast-changing competitive landscapes. However, how can one identify innovation?

In this session, you will learn, time tested mechanisms to:

- Identify key signs that point towards innovative thinking in others

- What concrete steps do you need to take in your thinking to be more innovative

- How to manage work processes to optimize the opportunities to innovate within the organization