Michael D.
Lead Personnel Research Psychologist
United States Office of Personnel Management

1:15 pm

1:15pm-1:55pm Trends in Talent Assessment and People Analytics in Modernizing Employee Selection

The talent assessment landscape is changing due, in part, to the rapidly evolving array of technologies available to the field. Trends are plentiful and include unobtrusive assessment tools, a focus on the user experience, mobile assessments, simulations, gamification, and the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Global adoption of assessment tools is at an all-time high, yet organizations still struggle with foundational elements such as choosing the best assessments for a given situation; explaining the value of assessments to applicants, employees, and other stakeholders; and connecting assessments to business outcomes. People analytics, the use of people-related data to improve and inform organizational decisions, is uniquely situated to shed key insights on the use and success of assessments at the individual and organizational level. This session will focus on assessment trends and how people analytics can be used to influence and advocate for better assessments in employee selection. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- How organizations are using assessments today and projected trends for the future 
- The role of people analytics in making data driven decisions to evaluate assessment options 
- How people analytics can be used to explain the value of assessments and link assessments to business outcomes