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11:40 am

11:40am-12:25pm EDT Aligning with the Business in Our VUCA World

General Session
While the COVID-19 crisis forced us to throw our best-laid plans out the window this year, strategy still matters. Strategy is how your company will achieve its goals, meet the expectations of its customers and sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. What is your business strategy? How is it communicated and spread throughout the organization? Are people acting to make it come alive? In this talk we will address critical practices and unique steps so that the everyone, down to the front lines, is aware and acting in alignment with the business strategy. 
In this session, you will:
- Discover the difference between being aware of your organization’s strategy and truly aligning with it. 
- Learn techniques to increase the breadth and depth of your strategic alignment. 
- Consider how to introduce these imperatives to your workplace so that people act in alignment with the objectives.