Dan L.
Special Advisor, Talent Solutions, Talent Strategy, and Engagement

12:50 pm

12:50pm-1:25pm Are You Ready to Rock and Roll? Scenario Planning for Possible Future Outcomes

There is an old ad that showed a wind quintet playing classical music. A basketball rolled up. The players dropped their instruments and began vigorously chasing down the court. The game changed suddenly and only the agile survived. This could be a metaphor for 2020.
Traditional planning can be rigid with an unflexing view of the future. Many organizations are failing today because they were well-prepared for a future that will never happen. Thriving requires an unprecedented level of adaptability, as richly demonstrated during the current Pandemic.

Scenario planning is about sharing a vision of a range of possible futures. In times such as these, the future cannot possibly be anticipated in detail. Smart scenario planners have fine-tuned their approaches to leverage existing and emerging cultures and external challenges. Leaders are crafting alternate workforce strategies and programs to ensure a workforce ready to rock and roll - whatever comes next.

In this session, you will learn:
- How Scenario Planning has constantly morphed for changing times
- Real-world examples of impactful scenario studies
- Recent innovations for fast-tracking traditional scenario planning
- Examples of using vignettes as micro-scenarios
- Discussion of additional available resources