Human Capital Institute (HCI)

2:15 pm

2:15pm-2:50pm Workforce Architect, The Strategic Role Post Covid

Concurrent Session
“Building tomorrow’s workforce today” is a phrase that is often used when we speak of Strategic Workforce Planning. However, COVID-19 has tested the will of the organization as well as the workforce. As organizations are adjusting to new work models and a change in strategy, there are tremendous workforce implications and audience that would be impacted. A weak pipeline or hidden talent issues can shake your organization’s very foundation before anyone realizes there might be a problem.
Our session will give you a diagnostic model to understand the talent implications of these conversations and the roles needed to drive the organization’s performance. Scan any piece of strategy and begin the process of cascading that strategy throughout the workforce.
In this session, you will learn:
  • A methodical approach to diagnose the strategy of your organization
  • Becoming a student of the “strategic role” and the talent segment
  • Understanding the DNA of the workforce and its implications
  • Scenario planning and its implications
  • Gaps and beginning of the plan
  • Action Planning is where the rubber meets the road