Director of HR Analytics, Head Data Scientist
TIBCO Software Inc.

11:45am-12:25pm Using Data to Uncover Unconscious Bias


Unconscious bias is a compliance training topic delivered to placate HR and Diversity teams. Some managers might bemoan the required seminar while others might recognize it's importance but ultimately assume that they are not part of the problem. It can be dull and impersonal: delivered to check the box. However, many organizations do not know how to measure the presence of unconscious bias and they certainly do not know how to see if it is being reduced. In this session, I'll model a panel analysis that can highlight the presence of unconscious bias in your hiring, your attrition, your total rewards and your performance reviews to help determine IF and WHERE this behavior exists at your company. I'll also share how we have used this data to personalize our training and show managers the evidence of its existence. By owning the problem together and with data, we have been far more effective at changing behaviors and creating a mindfulness among our leadership.

What you will learn:

- How to use analytics to uncover unconscious bias in your organization;

- How to use that data to create a strategy and determine your progress in changing that bias;

- How to personalize training and create data-driven mindfulness among your HR team, D&I team, and your leaders.