Chief Operating Officer
The Voyage, Inc.
Crawford Ph.D.
Research, Vestibular and Concussion Treatments
Private Practice

1:25pm-2:15pm The Neuroscience of Values and Change

In today’s evolving workplace it is now more critical than ever to understand all aspects of human behaviour. The impact of values including the concept of how personal values define the way we act, often in an unconscious manner, is explored. The social, genetic and environmental basis of values and the impact on our interactions are reviewed along with an opportunity to delve into personal values.

Modern neuroscience has provided new insight into the biological principles that drive human behaviour. Today’s successful leader must be more effective by developing their understanding of brain function. Ongoing discoveries continue increasing our knowledge of how our brain affects us as individuals and teams. To understand how leaders can leverage this knowledge in the realm of both the individual and the organization, we present several ideas. The concept of the ever-changing brain is reviewed, as well as the impact of change on overall well-being and performance.

The opportunity to influence change and related change-management tactics is explored.

A unique, engaging exercise will demonstrate the principles in real time. The workshop portion will appeal to both the analytical and creative traits that are found within each of us.

This presentation / interactive workshop will equip you with a fuller understanding of: 

- Impact of values in the workplace 

- Associated neurophysiological and neurochemical concepts 

- How change impacts individuals and their performance 

- Practical ideas to apply personally and professionally 

- How leadership can affect brain health and team dynamics