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Forum Sponsors Human Capital Institute (HCI) Track: Leadership Practices for the 21st Century

First Webcast Scheduled for March 30, 2011

Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: March 11, 2011

Washington, D.C. — March 11, 2011 — The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management, announced today that The Forum Corporation is sponsoring HCI’s “Leadership Practices for the 21st Century” webcast track. Forum is a pioneer in linking learning to strategic business objectives.

The 21st century will be marked by complexity, faction friction, and rapid change. Succeeding under these conditions will require that, relative to their competitors, leaders create clarity, unity, and agility. These factors reduce time to value and increase value for individuals, teams, initiatives, and organizations over time. This is strategic speed.

Forum’s four-part webcast series, will explore each of the four leadership practices that create strategic speed. The track’s inaugural webcast, “Is Your 2011 Strategy Set Up for Success—or Failure?” will show the audience how to successfully affirm their strategy. Participants will learn how to completely define an initiative, how to engage people in a compelling way, and how to promote agility by anticipating challenges. Led by Maggie Walsh, Vice President of Forum’s Leadership Development Practice, the webcast will be broadcast live on March 30, 2011 on www.hci.org.

“Taking critical strategies from paper to practical execution, in the midst of change, is the business issue of our time” said Will Milano, Vice President of Marketing at The Forum Corporation. “In fact, 70% of initiatives fail. A primary reason initiatives fail is that leaders over invest in creating strategy, and under invest in affirming strategy. This topic is a strong kick-off to our four-part 2011 webcast series with HCI.”

HCI’s “Leadership Practices for the 21st Century” learning track is part of the “New Leadership Competencies” topical area which covers the business imperative of asset management and that one most important asset in today’s Talent Economy — people. 21st century leaders still must have many of the attributes of those in the past, they must have a vision of the future, be able to articulate it and have be strategic enough to turn it into reality. But the defining characteristic of today’s great leaders is their ability to get the most out of their people and as Gary Hamel says in the Future of Management: “You can’t build a company that is fit for the future unless you can build a company that is fit for human beings.”

More information about “New Leadership Competencies,” as well as HCI’s other education and research tracks and practice areas, is available at www.hci.org.

The registration page for this free event can be found at http://www.hci.org/lib/your-2011-strategy-set-success-or-failure.


Forum is a recognized global leader in linking learning to strategic business objectives. Our learning solutions help organizations effectively execute their business strategies by focusing on their most important asset: their people. We provide clients with practical and research-based advice and tailored programs that mobilize employees, accelerate business-initiative implementation, and improve agility. Forum's 40-year legacy as a pioneer and thought leader continues with the release of our latest book, Strategic Speed (Harvard Business Press). For more information, visit www.forum.com.

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