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HCI and Allegis Global Solutions Explore Successful Methods for Attracting New Breed of Talent

Latest Research Reveals Shift in Recruiting Landscape, Best Practices for Employer Branding

Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: June 23, 2015

NEW YORK (June 23, 2015) – The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management, today announced the availability of its latest research, “Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract the TalentSumer.” Conducted in partnership with Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), a leader in global talent solutions, the research highlights the methods that today’s organizations are using to attract a new type of job seeker – the “TalentSumer,” described as candidates who choose their employer similar to how consumers select products to buy.

With the introduction of sites like Glassdoor and the influence of LinkedIn, today’s job seekers have access to more information about a company than ever before, such as details about the corporate culture, potential career paths and what the experience of working for the company is really like. Much like consumers use product reviews to guide their purchasing decisions, candidates can consult any number of company review sites to guide their career decisions. In the report, HCI and AGS describe the rise of these “TalentSumers” and investigate ways that organizations can take charge of their employer brands in order to clearly define their employee value proposition (EVP) and compete for top talent.

“To have a successful employer brand, it needs to be constantly refreshed. You wouldn’t see any consumer brand only being revaluated every few years.” said Bruce Morton, Global Head of Innovation at AGS. In this research paper, HCI and AGS wanted to examine how organizations present their employer brand in ways that resonate with their targeted candidates and position their company as an employer of choice.”

Based on an online survey of nearly 300 human resources practitioners, as well as thought leader interviews and secondary research, HCI and AGS found the following key results:

  • It’s a candidate’s market: The ongoing changes in the recruiting landscape indicate that the power has shifted from the employer to the candidate. The majority of organizations surveyed report a larger number of open positions, a growing need to offer higher starting salaries, increased turnover for critical roles and much longer periods to fill critical positions, compared to in 2013.
  • Employers must adapt to the new landscape: The survey results indicate that employers are adapting to this power shift by placing a higher priority on recruitment activities designed to build brand awareness and connect talent through technology, such as employer branding, social media, and improved company websites and candidate experiences.
  • There are several crucial factors for developing a strong EVP: Respondents identified the most important elements of an EVP as offering more developmental opportunities (84 percent), increasing recognition for performance (82 percent), continuous feedback and coaching from managers (81 percent), and increasing collaboration among employees (78 percent).
  • Employers face significant roadblocks: Companies struggle to develop and promote their employer brand due primarily to internal roadblocks, including a lack of staff to do the work, branding activities not being seen as a priority and overall organizational resistance to change.

“The recent shift in candidate behavior, coupled with the ability of current and former employees to share their thoughts about the company, has intensified the need for employers to accurately communicate their employer brand and EVP,” said Carl Rhodes, HCI’s chief executive officer. “In a job market where top talent is in short supply, the companies that can clearly articulate what they can offer potential employees will be better positioned to meet the needs of these TalentSumers and fill crucial talent gaps.”

HCI and AGS have made “Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategies to Attract the TalentSumer” available for complimentary download at: http://www.hci.org/hr-research/innovative-talent-acquisition-strategies-attract-talentsumer

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