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Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: February 28, 2012

BROOKLYN, NY – February 3, 2012 - The Human Capital Institute (HCI), a global association for talent management, and the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) have announced the three winners of their 2nd annual HCI Human Capital M-Prize, which rewards innovation in the field of leadership development. The winners were selected from over 45 submissions of stories and ideas from organizations all over the world.
The HCI Human Capital M-Prize is a result of HCI and the MIX challenging human capital leaders worldwide to create a human capital proposal aimed at one goal: to unleash the human capability of an organization through leadership, innovation, and most of all, passion. In a time of talent disengagement, what these leaders need are not top-down decisions from the C-suite, but bold left-field solutions designed to re-engage their people, and turn them into leaders worth following. MIX, a project geared toward accelerating the pace of management innovation through conversation and collaboration, posed the challenge to their followers to come up with progressive practices and disruptive ideas for improving leadership. The responses were judged on their clarity of thought and originality, potential for impact, feasibility, and popularity by a panel of leading management thinkers and progressive CEOs, as well as receiving ratings by the public via MIX’s website. From 45 initial submissions and 10 semifinalists, the panel has selected three outstanding proposals.
“Culture Eats Strategy”, by Jonathan Becher, Chief Marketing Officer at SAP

  • Mr. Becher identified what he refers to as a “delegate up” mentality with SAP, a tech/software firm of 55,000 people based in Walldorf, Germany. With team members hesitant to vet decisions without approval from the C-suite, the agility of the business was suffering. Mr. Becher set out to boost the company’s culture by increasing trust and depoliticizing the decision-making process. His proposal can be found in full here: http://bit.ly/yHqsmy

“Music and Leadership: A Perfect Combination”, by Luc Galoppin, COO at MedeMerkers     

  • Mr. Galoppin observes the role of music as a learning tool for management teams, namely through BiZZarts, an arts-based learning company. Initially started as a way for orchestral musicians to earn a little extra income, founders Dominique Dejonghe and Frank Debrunye discovered that by inviting team leaders to observe and comment on orchestral rehearsals, both conductor and businessman gain new insights into their own development processes – and how they can be bettered. His proposal can be found in full here: http://bit.ly/xY9mfE

Hindustan Unilever’s Rural Immersion Program”, by Stephen Remedios, Freelance Coach & Executive Trainer at The Stephen Remedios Company

  • Hindustan Unilever, one of India’s fastest-growing companies with 15,000  employees and over 10 million retail outlets in the country selling their goods, needed a way to reconcile their talent – depleted by a post-colonial brain drain and a majority of them educated overseas – with the culture of their customers. So for 6 to 8 weeks, new managers as part of their training are required to live and travel through the most rural parts of India, overseeing projects, and buying, eating and drinking the same products as their consumers. The company found a myriad of benefits to this practice, including deeper understanding of consumer habits and culture, development of goodwill between buyer and seller, and perhaps most of all, acquiring a sense of meaning for their work. Mr. Remedios’ essay can be found in full here: http://bit.ly/zW0W9t

The winners will receive a complimentary seat at HCI’s 2012 Human Capital Summit, taking place in Scottsdale, AZ, on March 5th-7th. Gary Hamel, creator of the MIX and a keynote speaker at the Summit, will recognize the winners during an awards reception on Tuesday, March 6th sponsored by Taleo.
To learn more about the HCI Human Capital Summit, or to register, please visit: http://www.hci.org/2012humancapital/overview

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