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HCI Develops Two New Courses to Meet the Evolving Needs of HR and Talent Acquisition

Organization Responds to Increased Demand for HR and Talent Acquisition Professionals to Take More Strategic Roles in Their Companies

Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: October 3, 2013

NEW YORK (October 3, 2013) – The Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global institution for strategic talent management, announced today the addition of two new courses designed to help HR and talent acquisition professionals meet challenges and capitalize on the opportunities to become true business partners in supporting the strategic goals and initiatives of their companies.
The world is changing for both HR and talent acquisition, and while these departments may not have a formal seat at the executive table, their influence is increasingly felt throughout their organizations. As such, it is important for HR and talent acquisition professionals to step up and play a larger role in determining strategic direction. Key to achieving this goal is the ability to partner with management and lines of business, all of whom share the mutual goal of turning people costs into assets that will strengthen the organization for current and future needs.
With the following new courses, HCI will show HR professionals how they can develop the critical skills that will enable them to serve as successful strategic business partners and take a more collaborative and consultative role:
Strategic HR Business Partner (sHRBP) Certification Program
As the role of the HR professional continues to evolve, it is crucial that they have the skills needed to work with management and lines of business, such as understanding the business, leveraging talent and implementing change. This three-day course will help HR professionals develop those skills that are necessary to fostering a strategic partnership with leadership and with lines of business. Each day of the course focuses on a different area critical to the HR-business line partnership, including building financial and analytic capability, strategies for improving the workforce, and developing consulting and execution skills.

Talent Acquisition Strategist Certification Course
Today’s talent acquisition teams are challenged to expand their insights, grow their influence and play a more strategic role in the enterprise organization. To help them rise to this challenge, HCI developed this two-day certification course that dives into the important new skills that talent acquisition professionals need to solve business challenges and position their organizations for success. Key lessons included in this course are how to move beyond simply order taking to be more proactive, how to operate with a holistic view of the talent supply and how to make more data-driven decisions.
“Our two new courses are unlike anything else available to the HR and talent acquisition professional, as they solidly illustrate the areas that are most relevant in today’s changing landscape,” said Carl Rhodes, HCI Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to give participants the most cutting-edge insight and information that will expand their skillsets and give them the confidence to play a larger, more impactful role in their organizations.”
Both courses are available online and delivered in person in local cities across North America. HCI also provides onsite training at the facilities of member organizations. Additional information can be accessed at: http://www.hci.org/hr-training-courses/corporate-training
To provide more insight into the changing worlds for HR and talent acquisition and the skills needed to stay relevant, HCI has also made two whitepapers available for download:

  • The Decade of HR” provides a clear picture of how HR is changing to step up to its new role as a strategic partner.
  • A Brave New World for Talent Acquisition” explores the five most significant features of a talent acquisition strategist, what they mean and why they matter.

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