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HCI Launches Analytics for Talent Management Certification Course

New Course to Teach HR Practitioners How to Leverage Data to Improve Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, Retention and Workforce Planning

Author: HCI  |  Source: HCI  |  Published: February 23, 2016

NEW YORK (Feb. 23, 2016) – Human Capital Institute (HCI), the global association for strategic talent management, today announced the launch of its new certification course, Analytics for Talent Management (ATM). As all areas of business, including HR, are tasked with using data to make better-informed decisions, HCI’s new ATM course will equip HR practitioners with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the world of data and create a more effective talent strategy.

“To truly serve as a strategic partner to the business, HR needs to speak the language of data and analytics to show how talent management initiatives impact larger business goals and priorities,” said Carl Rhodes, HCI’s chief executive officer. “Our new Analytics for Talent Management course will help bridge that gap and provide HR professionals with the terminology, skills and knowledge to understand the vast amount of data collected throughout the talent lifecycle. As a result, they can recognize, leverage and integrate the metrics that matter most to the business and pull the right levers that lead to continuous improvement.”

According to research from HCI and Oracle, 80 percent of HR practitioners report that company leaders rely on gut feelings, rather than data, to make talent decisions. At the same time, only 13 percent of companies are able to connect employee data throughout the talent lifecycle. Common barriers to using data effectively include limited collaboration within and outside of HR inhibiting effective analytic initiatives and the use of multiple platforms and systems that fail to speak with one another. Most critical is the fact that many companies typically lack the analytical skills necessary to support a data-driven approach to talent management.

As HR teams continue to become more specialized, the demand for skills in data and analytics to make more informed decisions around talent management will only increase. HCI’s Analytics for Talent Management course is designed to address these issues: through a two-day, interactive training course, participants will learn how to think analytically, understand basic statistical techniques and link talent management initiatives to bottom-line business impact. Equipped with such knowledge, they will better understand the key skills needed to advance the business and make a strong case for continued investment in talent management initiatives.

Analytics for Talent Management is geared toward early- and mid-career HR practitioners and senior-level HR leaders alike who are looking to build or enhance their knowledge of data and analytics for human capital. Key topics addressed will include the role of data in HR, analytical thinking, how to use natural experiments and analytical models, crafting good questions, data presentation skills, how to tell a story with data and practical examples of applying data to talent management initiatives in talent acquisition, engagement, retention and workforce planning.

HCI’s Analytics for Talent Management certification course will be conducted in major metropolitan areas around the U.S. and is available as corporate training and online throughout the year. Additional information about the course can be accessed at: http://www.hci.org/hr-training-courses/analytics-for-talent-management.

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