Candidate Experience

Create an experience that engages your potential new hires throughout the selection process

Your perfect candidate could be located in any number of talent pools — passive candidates, active job seekers, or even entrepreneurs. Your recruiting strategy has to have a sourcing plan to gather candidates with the skills and experience you need, as well as engage them through the entire selection process. A sub-par candidate experience can deter applicants from accepting positions and even damage your reputation as an employer of choice. Learn how to design and implement an experience that engages the emotional, physical, and cognitive aspects of your potential new hires.

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BlogRecruiting for Twitter

Twitter Recruiting: List Is Still a Four-letter Word

March 18, 2014 | Bryan Chaney | HCI

Lists are powerful tools. We use them to save time, to remind ourselves of what we want to achieve, and to recognize what and whom we value.
Honey-Do Lists
Grocery Lists
Twitter Lists
Top ___ Lists
Lists can also leave things behind, because they're only as valuable as the goals of the person creating them.

Blog5 Steps for Candidate Experience

Five Steps to Improve Your Candidate Experience

February 25, 2014 | Erin Bazinet | HCI

We’re in the business of people. However, sometimes our processes get so automated that we forget that how people experience the recruitment process makes a huge impact on the employer’s reputation. In a 2013 candidate survey, Seven Step RPO found that 25% of candidates who applied for jobs never heard back from the employer, at all. Of the people who did hear back, 75% of them waited two or more days to receive a response. This has far-reaching effects. CareerBuilder reported in a 2012 survey that 42% of people who had a bad candidate experience said they would never reapply for a job at that company, 22% said they would tell others not to apply there, and nine percent said they would tell others not to buy products or services from that company. 

BlogOne Size Does NOT Fit

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All

February 4, 2014 | Daniel Fogel | HCI

A lot of companies try to view recruiting as a faucet that can be turned off or on as the need arises. But the reality is typically far from that perspective. For the recruiting department to be effective, it needs time to build and grow a pipeline of talent which necessarily involves a lot of moving pieces - employer branding, online talent communities, social recruiting, job boards, career sites, etc. Beyond that 90 day lead in, firms also often find themselves in situations where it makes better financial sense to outsource that work in today’s complex economy.

Blog2014 Challenges

Challenges for Talent Acquisition in 2014

January 14, 2014 | Daniel Fogel | HCI

A quick survey of Google returns a host of challenges poised to daunt talent acquisition professionals in the coming months. Part of any good strategy is not just identifying and examining the potential problems but also evaluating the risks associated with each quandary and determining the best path forward. As Sun Tzu states in the Art of War, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Strategic Talent Acquisition (STA) Certification

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