Employment Branding

Attract the right hires with a compelling employment brand

As recruiting practices become more digital and more transparent, you need to use marketing techniques and social media to attract the right hires to your organization via a compelling employment brand. Your employee value proposition (EVP) articulates the experiences and rewards the organization provides in exchange for the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Employment brand also reflects the culture of your organization and your candidate management philosophy. Use social networking to attract, grab the interest of passive candidates with your online reputation, and update your systems to better manage digital recruiting efforts.

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10 Free Ways to Boost Your Hiring Success

April 11, 2014

With all the recruiting technology, sourcing alliance partners, employment branding programs, and subscriptions or licenses available to recruiting teams nowadays, you’d think that budgets would be expanding to include many of ...

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PodcastPodcastRestricted to Corporate Members

Mobile Technology for the Employee Lifecycle

April 2, 2014

Blogging4Jobs Founder and Chief Blogger, Jessica Miller-Merrell sits down with HCI for a podcast on the many roles mobile can play engaging talent. Miller-Merrell explains why the time is right for firms to pursue mobile adoption. Jessica shares ...

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Executive InterviewExecutive InterviewRestricted to Corporate Members

Critical Talent Initiatives at Edelman

In this Executive Interview, Claudia Patton, Chief Talent Officer, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide gives an overview of their approach to employer branding and their Global Women’s Executive Network (GWEN) initiative.
Key ...

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BlogRecruiting for Twitter

Twitter Recruiting: List Is Still a Four-letter Word

March 18, 2014 | Bryan Chaney | HCI

Lists are powerful tools. We use them to save time, to remind ourselves of what we want to achieve, and to recognize what and whom we value.
Honey-Do Lists
Grocery Lists
Twitter Lists
Top ___ Lists
Lists can also leave things behind, because they're only as valuable as the goals of the person creating them.


Getting to Know a Candidate without Being Creepy

January 31, 2014 | Laura Schaulat | Oracle

Nearly ten years ago, a friend introduced me to a very nice eligible guy, and I agreed to a date. We were having a glass of wine before dinner, and my date brought up the topic of Google, saying, “It’s amazing what you can learn about ...

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Blog2014 Challenges

Challenges for Talent Acquisition in 2014

January 14, 2014 | Daniel Fogel | HCI

A quick survey of Google returns a host of challenges poised to daunt talent acquisition professionals in the coming months. Part of any good strategy is not just identifying and examining the potential problems but also evaluating the risks associated with each quandary and determining the best path forward. As Sun Tzu states in the Art of War, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

White PaperWhite Paper

Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud

January 8, 2014

Social media is a reality for all organizations – whether you are ready to embrace it or not.  Most are aware of the benefits of using social/collaborative technologies internally - like improved productivity, engagement, ...

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Strategic Talent Acquisition (STA) Certification

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Strategic Talent Acquisition (STA) Certification

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