2012 Human Capital M-Prize

The Human Capital M-Prize: Encouraging the Gift of Leadership

If organizations are going to evolve from the hierarchical, command-and-control structure that has dominated over the past century to a new model where trust, transparency and meritocracy are guiding principles, they're going to need to change the way they develop leaders. To gain some insight into how the leadership development process is adapting to the challenge of creating leaders who are inclusive, progressive, and able to look beyond their organization for great ideas, we turned to the MIX community. With our partners at HCI, the Human Capital Institute, we sponsored the HCI Human Capital M-Prize on Leadership, and we asked you to share your stories on leadership development.

We received 45 stories and hacks that demonstrated a wide range of bold experimentation. You sent them in from all types and sizes of organizations around the world, from public agencies doing economic development work to manufacturing and consumer goods companies, to financial service companies and design shops. You shared suggestions and stories ranged from cross-silo mentoring, training aimed at making managers out of techies, and programs that helped elevate university administrators to deans. When the contest closed, we chose eight finalists and invited them to expand their stories. This resulted in several entries which are wonderfully complete case studies, supported in some cases by photos and videos.

The Three Winners of the HCI Human Capital M-Prize on Leadership

Jonathan Becher
Culture Eats Strategy
by Jonathan Becher
Chief Marketing Officer at SAP
Eight weeks in a village goes a long way in making compassionate leaders — Hindustan Unilever's Rural Immersion program
by Stephen Remedios
Freelance Coach & Executive Trainer at The Stephen Remedios Company
Music and Leadership: a Perfect Combination
by Luc Galoppin
COO at MedeMerkers

See the other Finalists' Entries

We're thrilled to introduce you to the finalists of the HCI Human Capital M-Prize on Leadership.

Shelley Catlin
Transformational leadership in organisations with multiple identities
by Shelley Catlin
School Manager at The University of Auckland, New Zealand
Power to the Geeks: Can “techies” be developed to lead and manage their own?
by Grant McIvor
Development Manager at Postec Data Systems (subsidiary of Gilbarco Veeder-Root)
Arabian Knights. A tale of leadership transformation with Iraqi Deans.
by Tony Nelson
Director at BrQthru
Square Pegs, Sacred Cows and Starting Over with Leadership
by Jane Perdue
Principal at Braithwaite Innovation Group
Social Networks for Talent Identification: Is the 9-Box Dead?
by Dr. Nancy A. Tennant

Chris Grams talks about the M-Prize

Chris Grams, the Management Innovation Exchange Community Guide, will lead Gary Hamel's M-Prize 2011 winners in a panel discussion showcasing their award-winning creative ideas: This year’s award is focused on enabling communities of passion in our organizations. Listen to the podcast:

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