Do You Need Feedback on Your Feedback?

December 13, 2018 | Jenna Filipkowski | HCI
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In our most recent Talent Pulse report, we found that 29% of organizations are moving from an annual performance review to a continuous feedback approach. This is great news as supportive, nonevaluative, timely, and specific feedback helps people achieve their goals at work. Yet our research shows that we all can get better at giving, asking for, and acting on performance feedback.

Let us help you.

This is our 20th Talent Pulse publication! To celebrate this achievement, we've included four unique tools to help you get better at giving, soliciting, and responding to feedback.

Giving Feedback

Feedback is information about our efforts toward a goal. It is personal, but ultimately it is data to use. Use this tool to learn how to give feedback. Just remember... coaching is not feedback!

Your Feedback Style

Take this short assessment to determine your style for giving feedback. When you are assessing your feedback style, remember that the descriptors on the left of the page make for more effective feedback.

Seeking Feedback

The key to seeking and accepting feedback is two-fold: 1) get more of it, and 2) treat it like a data point. Increase your feedback-seeking behaviors by following this guide.

Build a Feedback Culture

To help build a feedback culture at your organization, use these five steps for receiving and responding to feedback.

Our goal for these tools was to break down concept of feedback and help you get better at it. I would appreciate your feedback on these resources; let us know how close or how far we came from our goal.

And keep your eyes open for more...

These actionable job aids and tools are part of HCI's OrangeBox, a free digital toolkit designed to help you apply what you've learned from HCI research, conference presentations, and more. We debuted a special suite of OrangeBox tools this summer at our 2018 Employee Engagement Conference, and your positive feedback has encouraged us to keep it up. OrangeBox tools will be a key feature of future Talent Pulse reports, 2019 conferences, and more!