The State of Contingent Workforce Management

Author: Christopher J. Dwyer | Source: HCI | Published: October 16, 2013

The contingent workforce industry has been undergoing a strategic evolution in recent years. What was once a simple alternative workforce strategy has now become a core component of how the average enterprise meets and exceeds its business goals and objectives. While the contemporary contract talent workforce rages ahead, organizations utilizing the nuanced attributes of the “contingent workforce umbrella” are actively finding that they require a multifaceted approach for managing traditional temporary labor, complex contract talent, and independent contractors.
For the modern enterprise, the strategies of the past are not “deep” enough to truly drive value out of contract talent. The current state of contingent labor dictates that organizations look beyond classic approaches and leverage a strategic blend of “next-generation” strategies, solutions and technologies to better manage the contingent workforce umbrella.
Ardent Partners is set to publish its first State of Contingent Workforce Management market research study in November, and is currently looking for participation from a variety of roles (including the human capital function) to lend insights, experiences and intentions regarding the future of contingent workforce management. Ardent’s upcoming study plans to:

  • Develop the industry’s first official “Contingent Workforce Framework,” which can be utilized by organizations of all sizes and industries to build an effective program (including capabilities, goals, metrics and technologies)
  • Present the “Best-in-Class” contingent workforce approach and allow readers to formulate competencies based on the programs of world-class enterprises
  • Discuss the hot-button trends in the contingent workforce industry, such as the “blended workforce,” total talent management, enterprise-workforce-as-a-service and identity management
  • Outline the effectiveness of human resources and procurement in managing contract talent, and;
  • Highlight the specific technologies in this space, such as RPO, MSP and VMS, that are linking key capabilities together to assist organizations in managing their contingent workforce.

Click here to participate in Ardent’s State of Contingent Workforce Management research survey. All participants will receive a complimentary edition of the resulting market research report in November.
Christopher J. Dwyer
Research Director
Ardent Partners