Timeless Strategies for Building a Culture of Recognition

January 19, 2017 | Online Rewards | HCI
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Below is an excerpt from the 2017 Employee Recognition Bible from Online Rewards. This is a new guide that offers clear strategies on defining an employee recognition program in today’s world, including, “The 10 Commandments of Employee Recognition.”

Why has employee recognition become so important to organizations today? It’s important because employee recognition impacts talent acquisition, turnover, company culture and performance.

Employees are often the greatest expense line, and without engaged employees, companies are simply unable to perform at their best.

A 2015 HR and Recruiting study by Glassdoor reports that it costs $4,000 for the average U.S. Company to fill an open position, and will take an average of 52 days.

What we know is...

Top-performing executives recognize that employees don’t just work for money, and that strategic recognition is a tool that can be used to influence culture, influence behavior, motivate employees, and influence business outcomes.

Could it be that we don’t accurately understand what constitutes meaningful & impactful employee recognition?

For more on this, download the 2017 Employee Recognition Program Bible.