A Whole New World… of Learning

February 16, 2017 | Craig Schwipps | HCI
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Wouldn’t it be great if your organization had its own personal Genie? You could wish for continuous, profitable growth, driven, innovative employees, and strong leadership that always makes successful business decisions. Or, you could wish to turn yourself into a prince to win a princess’s hand in marriage.

Now, what if I told you that you have the power to make your wishes come true? (Not the princess one, but hey, chase your dreams!) It is well within your reach to achieve profitable growth, engaged employees and properly developed leadership in addition to more within your organization. It all starts with the right investment. An investment in your team. Let’s look at three tips that can help make your business wishes come true.

First and foremost, onboard! Do you have an onboarding program in place? If not, get one, NOW. Regardless of whether it is for brand new hires or for continuing the growth of tenured employees, it will always be beneficial to reinforce not only the mission, vision and values of your organization, but to show your employees how integral they are to the operation. When they understand their impact to the business, they feel more secure in their role and will act and make decisions accordingly.

When you’ve got your talent on board and invested in your organization, it’s time to start the business acumen training. Every single organization stands to gain competitive advantage by employing people who understand how their organization makes money. Increased big-picture thinking, decision-making prowess, and business and financial literacy are just a few of the benefits associated with learning about how their business really works and how they personally impact the bottom line.

Finally, it’s not just any business acumen training that will get the job done, you need experiential learning, or discovery learning to achieve maximum effectiveness. Experiential learning takes hard to grasp concepts and turns them into engaging sessions of fun! The interaction, the activity, and engagement are components that can never truly be duplicated in e-learning through online quizzes or slide decks. You don’t want a room full of bored, disengaged zombies that won’t retain anything they learned or want to apply it to their jobs when they return.

Sadly, we cannot all live in a Disney musical. But we CAN change the dynamic of our organization by getting employees engaged and driving efficiency with a business owner mentality and the accountabilities for growth. If you want to grant organizational wishes, invest in these priorities, and take a magic carpet ride to success.


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