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Managing in Whitespace: How It's Different and Why It Matters

2 days ago | Harvard Business School Executive Education | HCI

A large organization’s formal structures and processes are only part of the story when it comes to making a difference and achieving success. Projects can begin under the radar screen, but then eventually transform the organization.


How to Stay Ahead of the Forgetting Curve

3 days ago | Bridge | HCI

Learning is essential to your people’s continued growth, performance, and engagement. However, if they don’t retain what they’ve learned, they can’t apply it, and if they can’t apply what they’ve learned, what was the point in learning it to begin with?


For the Talent Acquisition Win: Content Marketing takes Recruiting to the Top

April 26, 2017 | Jobvite | HCI

No longer just for marketing teams, content marketing can be a key tool for talent acquisition teams in their overall recruiting strategy. You’ve heard that it’s a candidate’s market, and research from HCI supports the shift in power from the employer to the job seeker. To ride the new wave, employers need to give more time and effort to advanced recruitment activities that really create awareness of an organization’s employer brand.


Overcoming Unseen Obstacles: How to Get More Women Into Leadership Positions

April 21, 2017 | Skillsoft | HCI

Historically, increasing the representation of women in leadership roles has been approached as a fairness issue rather than a business issue. But recent research suggests that increasing your organization’s female leadership can be a highly profitable decision as well.


Charting What’s Next for Your Learning & Talent Strategy

April 19, 2017 | SumTotal | HCI

Organizations with strong learning and talent management processes drive business results, according to findings gathered from SumTotal, a Skillsoft Company’s research, which gathered findings from the combined Skillsoft and SumTotal companies’ 6,700 customers and 45 million employees.  They generate more revenue, greater employee engagement, reduced staff turnover, higher customer retention…the list goes on. Maturing your learning and talent strategy is a business imperative.


Design Thinking: Out with the Old, and in with the New

April 7, 2017 | BetterWorks | HCI

In the world of business, design thinking is an essential tool for simplifying the way organizations operate. Design thinking helps organizations manage change, handle complexity and strategize while putting people first. It means rapid prototyping – failing quickly, but making adjustments necessary to provide perfect solutions.


Webcast Recap: Performance Management Overhauls Are Constant Works in Progress

April 6, 2017 | Anna Burke | HighGround

Even though the HighGround study found employees and managers prefer a more frequent cadence for performance conversations, a poll of webcast attendees revealed that 44% of respondents still have performance conversations just once a year. So how can HR and organizations deliver the ongoing approach that managers and employees want?


An Art and Science Approach to Data

April 3, 2017 | Yuval Dvir | HCI

With the right context, visuals and analysis, data is your best friend when trying to make a point and convey a message – a powerful ally in the workplace. For that reason, as well as for the fun of learning new insights, I love data.


3 New Learning Trends, 3 Warning Signs

March 30, 2017 | Jessica Farquhar Campbell | CGS, Inc.

Three warning signs flash up for me as I consider the 2017 learning and development trends in the CGS annual report the: Lack of cross-enterprise collaboration; fall of the facilitator; and rigid nature of many L&D strategies and initiatives. Over 70 percent of those surveyed state that the role of L&D will change this year. That's huge! If your team doesn't have partners in the business, a smart replacement for the facilitator, and processes that pivot alongside your corporate goals and initiatives, you may not be in control of that change.


Crossing Oars: Team Building through Intuitive Interdependence

March 27, 2017 | Crystal Kadakia | HCI

One of the biggest myths today, especially with regards to the millennial generation, is that team building is as simple as creating a fun, collegiate environment through changes like installing ping pong tables, offering free food, and hosting Friday happy hours. That’s what they are used to and are asking for, right?


New Solutions to foster Talent Mobility

March 22, 2017 | Ben Eubanks | IBM

Companies can now leverage cutting edge solutions to help create and sustain talent Mobility. IBM will showcase how it is bringing cutting edge cognitive capabilities to address Talent Mobility needs, by putting the power in the hands of the employees.

In addition to the success stories and solutions, we’ll look at some different sources of research on the topic that allow us to dig deeply into why this talent process matters. One of the key points of the research points to the fact that people want more control over their own careers and development. With that in mind, giving them flexible opportunities to contribute, grow, and develop just makes sense if we want to not only engage them, but keep them long term.