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The Multiplier Effect of Inclusion

Keynote Video | Presented By: Tony Byers | Published: July 29, 2014
Business leaders all too often view diversity and inclusion as the “right” thing to do and not as a business imperative.  Properly managed, diversity and inclusion programs can increase engagement, creativity and business ... Read more
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High Performing Teams as an Engagement Strategy

Keynote Video | Presented By: Julie Holbein | Published: July 29, 2014
While manager quality has a well-documented effect on the engagement and performance of their people, organizations often neglect the importance of building high-performing teams for them to lead. In this keynote video, Julie Holbein, Director of ... Read more
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Creating Employee Engagement by Aligning Expectations

Keynote Video | Presented By: Rick Badgley | Published: July 29, 2014
When a new hire shows up for the first day of work, that employee has a pre-conceived set of expectations about the role and the company. If these initial expectations are not met, disappointment, confusion and disengagement will surely follow. ... Read more