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Making Good Times Great at Bacardi

Keynote Video | Presented By: John McCusker | Published: November 16, 2015
Employee engagement and business results are not inseparable, but you cannot sustain one without the other over time. At Bacardi, business leaders support engagement and business results with a “values-based” approach to culture, ... Read more
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Data-Driven Strategies behind Successful Global Recruiting

Keynote Video | Presented By: Sheri Miller, Jennifer Talley, Arelis Correa | Published: November 16, 2015
Effective global talent acquisition depends on striking the right balance between standardization and flexibility in process, technology, and strategy. Prospective candidates must understand where to go and how to apply to your organization, but ... Read more
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Winning Strategies for Building Strong Global Coaching Cultures

Keynote Video | Presented By: Christine Barnes, Alexandra Wiebke, Fadel Chbihna | Published: November 16, 2015
Can a coaching culture improve your bottom line? Learn how to drive a coaching culture in your organization from this engaging panel discussion, featuring the winner and runner-up of the International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) 2015 ... Read more
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Leveraging the New Learning Ecosystem

Keynote Video | Presented By: Kerry Hearns-Smith, Todd Tauber | Published: September 24, 2015
Traditional approaches to learning and development are no longer responsive enough to continuously build and refresh the capabilities and skills that organizations and employees need. As a result, workers and business leaders are increasingly ... Read more
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Redesigning Leadership and Learning at Work

Keynote Video | Presented By: Lisa Jackson | Published: September 24, 2015
As organizations welcome higher percentages of freelancers and Millennials into the workforce, they must redesign operations and organizational structures accordingly. This requires a new way of developing and engaging employees, while embracing ... Read more
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Revolutionizing HR for a Wireless Rebel

Keynote Video | Presented By: Ben Bratt | Published: September 24, 2015
What’s an HR professional to do when “tried and true” HR practices are met with disinterest or even resistance?  What do you do when the pace of change all around outstrips your ability to adapt?  In this HCI Keynote ... Read more
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Grooming Millennial Leaders for Success

Keynote Video | Presented By: Alexandra Levit | Published: September 24, 2015
In the summer of 2015, Millennials became the majority of the global workforce. And if you thought Millennials were tough to manage, just wait till Generation Z enters the job market. In this HCI Keynote video, Alexandra Levit, New York Times ... Read more
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Developing Leadership Capacity through Succession Management

Keynote Video | Presented By: Jonas Bordo, Seonaid Charlesworth | Published: September 24, 2015
Succession management is designed to ensure you have the leadership capacity to execute strategy and support future growth of the company.  But, it takes more than a succession plan to prepare leaders to sustain a company culture or take on ... Read more