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Developing and Measuring Executive Presence in Leaders

Webcast | Presented By: Linda Arsenault, William Macaux, Ph.D. | Webcast Aired: 9 hours ago
Executive presence is the “X factor” of successful leaders who assert influence, drive change, and inspire organizational performance. It’s a social-organizational phenomenon that becomes most noticeable, and most critical, when ... Read more

HCI Signature Research - Conducting Dynamic Performance Appraisals

Webcast | Presented By: Jenna Filipkowski, David O'Connell, Andrew Bateman | Webcast Aired: 1 day ago
It is no secret that performance appraisals are generally disliked by both managers and employees. Appraisals are strongly criticized by professionals with some calling for drastic changes to the system and even the elimination of formal ... Read more

How to Achieve Your Hiring Goals with Facebook Advertising

Webcast | Presented By: Ron Yazzetti | Webcast Aired: November 20, 2014
With over 1.3 billion members and 802 million of those logging in daily, people spend more time on Facebook than any other website in the world. In fact, smartphone users check their Facebook New Feeds 14x times per day! This gives you a ... Read more

Crafting Strategic Job Descriptions? Think Like a Marketer

Webcast | Presented By: Tim Sackett | Webcast Aired: November 13, 2014
What was the last book you purchased from a bookstore?  What set that tome apart from the other 30 on the shelf?  Something on that back cover teaser spoke to you and moved you enough to part with your money.  A teaser might give ... Read more

The Secret to Saving Time and Money in Your Recruitment

Webcast | Presented By: Julia Abell, David Schaaf | Webcast Aired: November 11, 2014
We all know the challenges related to the skilled workforce shortage. How it raises the cost of hiring for niche skill sets and how it complicates the recruitment process especially in STEM fields. Multiply that difficulty ten-fold when engaging ... Read more

Supercharge Your Recruiting Workflow with Data Analytics

Webcast | Presented By: Greg Karr | Webcast Aired: November 6, 2014
Accurate and effective reporting of your talent acquisition process drives your ability to impact performance, communicate to key business leaders, and effectively manage the workflow to meet your organization’s hiring goals. In this one ... Read more

Balancing Stakeholder Accountability in Project Management

Webcast | Presented By: Stacey Rivers, Reggie Hammond, Laurie Burkland Waller | Webcast Aired: October 30, 2014
There is an art and science to project management, especially when it comes to balancing stakeholder accountability. While you may not be capable to shift the culture in the short term, or perhaps never, there are strategic tools and tactics you ... Read more

Accelerating Time to Experience for “First Time” Leaders

Webcast | Presented By: Amanda Young Hickman, Karen Powell | Webcast Aired: October 28, 2014
Front line leaders are critical to an organization’s success, however they often have limited experience leading teams and managing through complexity. As a result, they learn - and make mistakes - in real-time; on the job, often with ... Read more

How to Build a Successful Mentoring Program

Webcast | Presented By: Horace McCormick, Jenna Filipkowski | Webcast Aired: October 23, 2014
Many mentoring programs miss the mark because of a lack of alignment to business goals and strategy and because they fail to clearly articulate the goals of the program from the outset. Others fail because of poor mentor/mentee matches and ... Read more