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Align Human Capital to the Business Strategy in 2015

Webcast | Presented By: Neil Jensen, Wes Wu | Webcast Aired: 1 day ago
Many of us have human capital strategies that are centered around managing talent, but our processes and technologies are antiquated and not agile.  Today's technology can simplify and enable strategy quickly and without the burdensome ... Read more

Appirio Forecast - HCM Predictions for 2015

Webcast | Presented By: Harry West, Patrick Dodge, Wes Wu | Webcast Aired: January 21, 2015
With advances in cloud, mobile, social, big data, and crowdsourcing all happening at once at incredible speed, the disruptions to HR have shifted both the way businesses are run and the way individuals operate.  During this webcast, Appirio ... Read more

Why Employee Engagement Isn’t Enough

Webcast | Presented By: Mike Ryan | Webcast Aired: January 7, 2015
We all know that employee engagement produces better business results. Research from a wide range of resources confirms that emotionally and intellectually committed employees are more productive, customer focused and profitable. And while those ... Read more

Why Is HR Struggling with Candidate Experience?

Webcast | Presented By: Matt Charney, Ivan Casanova | Webcast Aired: December 17, 2014
Job seekers are more frustrated than ever.  Describing the experience as time-consuming, stressful, discouraging and even painful, candidates are not impressed with outdated technologies and inefficient processes.  It’s hard to ... Read more

Your High-potential Leaders: Tell or Don’t Tell?

Webcast | Presented By: James Peters, Cori Hill, Lisa Niesen | Webcast Aired: December 16, 2014
Do you tell individuals at your organization that they are designated as high-potential leaders? Whether to inform nominees of their high-potential status is a difficult question. Some organizations hold back, fearing egos will take over, ... Read more

Engage Your People - Future-proof Your Company – Part 2

Webcast | Presented By: Tom Agew | Webcast Aired: December 11, 2014
Business success is dependent on an engaged and enabled workforce. Companies scoring highest for engagement and enablement achieve 4.5 times the revenue growth of those that rate lowest – it’s a prize worth fighting for. However, our ... Read more

The Prism Effect: An Inside Look at Successful Coaching Programs

Webcast | Presented By: Mark Ruth, Dilep Misra, Matt Becker | Webcast Aired: December 10, 2014
Since 2005, the International Coach Federation (ICF) International Prism Award has honored businesses and organizations with coaching programs that fulfill rigorous professional standards, address key strategic goals, shape ... Read more

Discussion: Making Performance Management Less Dreadful

Webcast | Presented By: Farah Abbas, Brandon Curry | Webcast Aired: December 3, 2014
Only 4 out of 10 employees say their organization’s review feedback improves their performance and 80% are dissatisfied with their reviews.  It seems every year managers, HR, and employees alike approach the performance appraisal ... Read more