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Creating an Employer Brand that Stands Out

Webcast | Presented By: Alex Steinberg | Webcast Aired: 14 hours ago
A recent survey at Axial, a NYC-based technology company, asked employees, “What do we do well here?" Ninety percent of responses mentioned the positive culture and the people that they hire. A response like this doesn't happen ... Read more

Moving Past the Lecture: Experiential Learning for Large Groups

Webcast | Presented By: Amanda Young Hickman, Karen Powell | Webcast Aired: 16 hours ago
Think learning in ballrooms is boring? Learn how to get your participants energized in a high-context experience that gets people talking and engaging in real business issues. Learn what caused one Fortune 100 executive to state, "Wow! ... Read more

Learn How Business Acumen Training is the "Secret Sauce" for FIS

Webcast | Presented By: Kris Carrera, Tim Adler | Webcast Aired: April 23, 2015
Training your employees and managers on the concept of business acumen may be the key to producing real results for your organization. Recent HCI research on the HR Partnership reveals that 43% of respondent organizations are considering adopting ... Read more

Navigating the World of Talent Assessments: What Matters Most?

Webcast | Presented By: Fritz Drasgow, Michelle Kozin | Webcast Aired: April 21, 2015
Finding and keeping the best talent today hinges on accessing, understanding and applying predictive analytics that drive results. Today, up to 70% of organizations (up from 30-40% just five years ago) are using assessments to measure skills, ... Read more

Workforce Intelligence: The Future of Talent Management

Webcast | Presented By: Dave Weisbeck | Webcast Aired: April 15, 2015
In the last decade, talent management has become not just a buzzword but also a critical part of most organization’s human resources strategies. And the demands placed today on the talent management function are greater than ever before: 93 ... Read more

An Age-diverse Workforce: Managing and Engaging Millennials

Webcast | Presented By: Mark Royal, Molly Delaney | Webcast Aired: April 14, 2015
The workforce is changing.  Driven by demographic shifts and the increasing digitization of work, companies are challenged with managing generationally diverse teams that are connecting with each other, and with organizations, in new ways. ... Read more

Driving Organizational Change Through Learning and Development

Webcast | Presented By: Justin Mass, Jennifer Marshalik, Alan Cooper, Ph.D., MBA, Elizabeth Woodward | Webcast Aired: April 9, 2015
Most large organizations are undergoing a number of major change initiatives at any one time.  These can include restructuring the way teams work together, improving customer experience, undertaking a six sigma ethos - right through ... Read more

Fierce Conversations: How to Address Toxic Employees

Webcast | Presented By: Aimee Woodmiller-Wood | Webcast Aired: April 8, 2015
Managing difficult people is simply a fact of business life that is all too often ignored. The effect of toxic employees on organizations is immense including poor morale among talent, added stress, lost productivity, and a negatively affected ... Read more

Modern HR: Delivering Great Employee Experiences

Webcast | Presented By: Jeffrey Haynes | Webcast Aired: April 8, 2015
Organizations have long researched their customers' expectations to improve retention, build brand loyalty and improve the overall customer experience. Now, HR is doing the same with employees. It’s time to strengthen talent strategies ... Read more

Where Can HR Have the Biggest Business Impact in 2015?

Webcast | Presented By: Katherine Jones, Ray Wang, William Tincup | Webcast Aired: March 26, 2015
What are the most critical business areas HR should focus on in 2015—is it engagement? Analytics? What’s actually important vs. what’s simply hype?  Join three of HR’s brightest thinkers for a lively ... Read more