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The Evolution of Healthcare and Its Impact on Learning

Webcast | Presented By: Perry Richardson | Webcast Aired: July 17, 2014
Healthcare in the US is evolving fast, bringing with it increased opportunities and responsibilities for employers. As a result of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) there is now an increased focus on patient satisfaction, as well as statutory ... Read more

Social Recruiting for the Millennial Generation

Webcast | Presented By: Steve Fogarty | Webcast Aired: July 10, 2014
Gerry Crispin states, “A quarter of all large U.S. employers will get 50 percent of their hires from employee and alumni referrals by year end 2014.”  For Millennials, social recruiting starts with candidates checking out ... Read more

People Analytics

Webcast | Presented By: Ben Waber | Webcast Aired: July 9, 2014
Despite the fact that communication with customers and information flow between coworkers are among the most crucial aspects of any business, until today there hasn't been any objective, scalable way to capture that information. Using cutting ... Read more

Talent Pulse Party: 2014 Talent Acquisition Research Results

Webcast | Presented By: Jenna Filipkowski, Andrew Bateman, David O'Connell | Webcast Aired: July 1, 2014
Join us as we reveal the results from our latest Talent Pulse signature research. Topics include: social media, employment branding, and passive candidates.    You will learn:  How organizations are using social ... Read more

The Ten Steps to Become a More Family-Friendly Workplace

Webcast | Presented By: Lori McAdams, Mark Schmitz | Webcast Aired: June 25, 2014
Most parents are in the workplace and all children require care, but only a small percentage of employers have stepped in to help fill this gap. This webcast and associated white paper explores this issue and will answer: What ... Read more

How to Get Succession Right – and Avoid Doing it Wrong!

Webcast | Presented By: Cassie Atteberry | Webcast Aired: June 12, 2014
Our world and how we work have seen exponential changes in the last several decades.   For more than forty years Hallmark Cards has used succession planning as a critical practice to ensuring they have the right workforce to succeed, ... Read more