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Hiring Right: The Foundation for Building a Magnetic Culture

Webcast | Presented By: Kevin Sheridan | Webcast Aired: June 25, 2015
Improving the quality of hire is the first step to creating a Magnetic Culture and is the foundation to Talent Management Success. People will join your company, and stay on board because they like working with others who are already on your ... Read more

Get Fierce: How to "Do" Employee Engagement

Webcast | Presented By: Susan Scott | Webcast Aired: June 24, 2015
Most companies and leaders want to increase employee engagement. The problem is - we don’t know how to do employee engagement. It remains a statistic we strive for: intangible, elusive, and yet ever increasing in importance. Engagement ... Read more

Secrets of the Most Successful Employee Engagement Surveys

Webcast | Presented By: Jeanette MacNaughton | Webcast Aired: June 18, 2015
The first step to sustainable employee engagement is to stop everything and listen to employees. Organizations spend millions of dollars each year, not to mention thousands of hours, administering employee engagement surveys with the hope of ... Read more

Talent Analytics: Turning Reference Checking into a Strategic Asset

Webcast | Presented By: Ryan Cook, William Poynter, Shawnee Irmen, Josh Brown | Webcast Aired: June 17, 2015
According to a recent survey, 44% of global recruiting leaders agree that quality of hire is the most important metric for measuring recruiting performance—followed by time-to-fill (25%), and hiring manager satisfaction (18%). Learn how ... Read more

Employee Engagement Within a Culture of High Performance

Webcast | Presented By: Larry Decuir | Webcast Aired: June 17, 2015
The topic of employee engagement is showing up just about everywhere you look these days. More and more organizations (and their leaders) are gaining a fuller appreciation for the impact engagement has on growth and profitability. So if many ... Read more

Strategic HR Metrics: Effectively Select, Analyze and Communicate

Webcast | Presented By: Terra Aartsen, Reni Balasingham | Webcast Aired: June 11, 2015
To become an effective business partner, HR must harness the power of analytics, and develop the art of storytelling. It is no longer sufficient to simply measure operational metrics. HR departments must begin to measure, analyze and communicate ... Read more

Choosing the Right Analytics for a True Workforce Advantage

Webcast | Presented By: Ron Hetrick | Webcast Aired: June 10, 2015
When it comes to workforce planning, many metrics have lost their attractiveness. Cost of attrition, time-to-fill, even successful placement are often ignored as labor costs or unwanted turnover take center stage. In addition, many firms want to ... Read more

Driving Talent Acceleration Through Leadership Readiness

Webcast | Presented By: Kip Kelly, Mike Stewart, Michelle Kozin | Webcast Aired: June 4, 2015
Who are your up-and-coming leaders? And are they ready? Leadership starts at the top, but a highly functioning and successful organization fosters leaders at all levels. Yet – for typical companies – only 17% of leadership ... Read more

Data-Driven Hiring: 6 Steps to Improve Your Results Today

Webcast | Presented By: Erin Wood | Webcast Aired: June 2, 2015
Big data may be a hot topic, but few organizations have access to such large stockpiles of information. There are still great ways, however, to use the data you have at your fingertips today to enhance the way you hire and avoid costly hiring ... Read more