Creating an Engaged Culture through Purpose, Connection, and Neuroscience

Engaged cultures are made up of fierce, change-ready people who drive innovation, and challenge the marketplace with products and services that connect directly to the customer base.

HCI believes that to build this type of culture, organizations must clearly articulate their purpose and values and reinforce those values by recognizing and rewarding behaviors that further those competencies.

HR leaders need to rethink the behaviors we reward to ensure we’re not rewarding actions that don’t propel the organization forward. It’s just as important to understand the “why” we recognize before thinking about “how” we recognize.

We hope for: But we reward:
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Innovative thinking and risk taking
  • Development of people skills
  • Employee involvement and empowerment
  • High achievement
  • The best team members
  • Proven methods and not making mistakes
  • Technical achievements/accomplishments
  • Tight control over operations and resources
  • Another year's effort

Steven Kerr, "On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B"


Topics Covered:

Finding Purpose and Values

  • Creating Organizational Values that Connect with the Workforce
  • Developing Trust and Transparency
  • Fun, Purpose and Performance
  • Connecting meaningful work to innovation and purpose

Implementing Neuroscience for Behavioral Change

  • The most effective methods of reward – it doesn’t involve money
  • Teaching leaders to practice and promote mindfulness at work
  • Reducing perceived threats – creating a safe place for voice and personal power
  • Ways of influencing behavior and appeasing the brain

Connecting to Hearts and Minds

  • Training managers how to give recognition and support that connects with employees
  • Communicating corporate goals in a way that achieves desired behavior
  • Teaching managers to authentically connect and support their teams
  • Using surveys and metrics to predict and guide behaviors


Enjoy this presentation from last year's event!

Positive Leadership & Improved Engagement

"If you have been contemplating empowerment and care for your employees, just do it without delay." Watch as John Stix shares the “Chain Reaction” secrets and the incredible power of gratitude within you and your company. Seemingly small changes will lead to a much higher rate of overall happiness.



I was inspired and it felt so good coming in to learn about how to work better together every day!


Enjoyed the group discussions and company stories about their transformations. Lots of good takeaways!


Overall very useful information that can have a big, positive impact on my organization!


Great conference with valuable information to take back and implement/put into practice right away.