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2017 Employee Engagement Conference

Creating an Engaged Culture through Purpose, Connection, and Neuroscience

July 24-26, 2017 | San Francisco, CA

2017 Employee Engagement Conference

Engaged cultures are made up of fierce, change-ready people who drive innovation and challenge the marketplace with products and services that connect directly to the customer base. HCI believes that to build this type of culture, organizations must clearly articulate their purpose and values and reinforce those values by recognizing and rewarding behaviors that further those competencies. 

We’ve found the most critical element in employee engagement is the authentic connection created by both managers and the organization.  Connection through purpose and organizational values creates trust, acceptance of change, improves production and innovation, but also builds a culture aligned with company goals.

How do we start making this connection?  What’s are the most effective ways to authentically reach people?  Neuroscience tells us exactly how to appease our brains and the specific things we can do to make employees feel valued and enthusiastic about work. Be prepared to throw out traditional methods you've been counting on for years and learn the scientific approaches that top organizations are now adopting with immediate and outstanding results.

Join us at the 2017 Employee Engagement Conference to hear senior level thought leaders from organizations like TOMS, Shopify, and Southwest Airlines discuss how they build strong workforce connections that result in high employee engagement and retention. You'll also hear from leaders in neuroscience like David Rock and Dr. John Crawford who will expand your mind and demonstrate how your organization can implement neuroscience for behavioral and cultural change.

"There is a mismatch between what science knows and what business does."
- Dan Pink

Location & Venue

Fairmont San Francisco
950 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Call 415-772-5000 and reference Human Capital Institute 2017 Employee Engagement Conference to take advantage of the $299 room rate. Don’t wait, the offer expires June 30, 2017. Click here to book your room now!

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Make the Case to Attend the 2017 Employee Engagement Conference

Make plans to attend the 2017 Employee Engagement Conference in San Francisco.

Who Should Attend?

The following sample titles will benefit from the conference:

  • CHRO

  • Director, Communications

  • Director, VP, Employee Engagement

  • Manager, Director, VP Organizational Development

  • Manager, Director, VP, EVP HR

  • Manager, Director, VP, EVP, Talent Management

Why Should You Attend?

Attend the conference to learn how employee connections can be established by tapping the hearts and minds of your workforce.

  • Hearts: Authentic and transparent leadership that supports and recognizes the workforce. Employees connect to a sense of purpose that resonate in their personal values.

  • Minds: Neuroscience shows us how to appease and comfort the brain in feeling safe with a sense of belonging.

  • Connections: Strategies and tools to help managers to authentically connect and support their teams.

What You'll Learn

Topics covered at the event include:

  • Creating Organizational Values that Connect with the Workforce - Developing Trust, Transparency, Fun, Purpose, and Performance - Connecting meaningful work to innovation and purpose

  • The most effective methods of reward – it doesn’t involve money - Teaching leaders to practice and promote mindfulness at work - Reducing perceived threats and creating a safe place for voice and personal power - Ways of influencing behavior and appeasing the brain

  • Training managers how to give recognition and support that connects with employees - Communicating corporate goals in a way that achieves desired behavior - Teaching managers to authentically connect and support their teams - Using surveys and metrics to predict and guide behaviors

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3-day pass: $1,995 | 2-day pass: $1,695
Early Bird Pricing: Register by May 29 to save $200!
Virtual conference: $595