Our journey to creating transformative leadership begins with new criteria, meaningful experiences, and smart, innovative development paths. Leaders that will succeed tomorrow are not created with systems built yesterday. Within the last 5 years, the tenacity and depth of change that has taken place in business has changed the entire landscape. To keep up with this change, and survive in a new uncertain, global environment, leadership and its development process must also adapt. And quickly.

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Executive Development, Google
Behavioral Scientist, Harvard Business School Professor, and Author
Onboarding Programs Manager, Learning & Development at Facebook

The Journey to Creating Transformative Leadership and a Continuous Learning Culture

The HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference is centered on the 3 key principles to organizational success.

  1. Creating transformative leaders
  2. Building a continuous culture of learning
  3. Learning the new tools and kind of skill development needed for leadership and learning leaders to stay relevant
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